About the photographer, Carlos SPOTTORNO

Carlos SPOTTORNO is a Spanish documentary photographer whose work focuses on economic, social and political issues. After graduating from an art college, he worked in the creative department of an advertising agency until he turned to photography in 2001.

Photo books by Carlos SPOTTORNO

'The PIGS' (2013); 'Wealth Management' (2015); 'Der Riss' (2017); 'Die Verwerfung / The Fault Line' (2020)

The third volume in the series 'Conversations' by Remi Coignet also contains interviews with participants from the international photo scene on the role of the photo book in the work of photographers, designers & publishers, as well as their book design.
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The unusual 'PBM_Catalog Box' contains leporellos, brochures and posters for the 33 exhibitions and projects shown during the PhotoBookMuseum pop-up in Cologne. The shape of the box alludes to the exhibitions shown in traditional shipping containers.
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The photo book 'Wealth Management' by Carlos SPOTTORNO is about the world of the ultra-rich and their agents: about an allegedly better life in which money does not always bring happiness and in which the greatest luxury is invisible & inaccessible to all
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Graphic novel 'The Fault Line' by Spaniards SPOTTORNO and Abril across the border between Austria and Italy, North Tyrol and South Tyrol as a leporello as well as a report in word and picture moves at the interface of journalism, literature and photo art.
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'Der Riss' is an unusual graphic novel: a photo & travel report with authentic images as a comic. The photographer Carlos SPOTTORNO and the journalist Guillermo Abril traveled to the external border of the EU, to Melilla, the Spanish enclave in Morocco.
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In banking circles, 'PIGS' means the states Portugal, Italy, Greece & Spain. For his book, photographer Carlos SPOTTORNO took on the design of the manager's magazine 'The Economist' and integrated his own recordings in order to unite prejudice and reality
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