About the photographer, Alec SOTH (b .1969 in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA)

Magnum photographer Alec SOTH's work have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including the 2004 Whitney and Sao Paulo Biennials. In 2010, the Walker Art Center produced a traveling survey exhibition of his work entitled 'From Here To There'. He has been the recipient of numerous fellowships and awards, including the Guggenheim Fellowship (2013). In 2008, he founded his own publishing company, Little Brown Mushroom.

Photo books by and on the work of Alec SOTH

'Dog Days Bogota' (2007); 'The Last Day of W.' (2008); 'From Here to There' (2010); 'Broken Manual' (2011); 'One Day. Ten Photographers' (2011); 'Looking for Love, 1996' (2012); 'Ping Pong Conversations' (2013, with Francesco Zanot); 'Songbook' (2014, 2022); 'Gathered Leaves' (2016); 'Sleeping by the Mississippi' (2007, 2012, 2017); 'Niagara' (2006, 2018); 'I Know How Furiously Your Heart Is Beating' (2019); 'Two Rivers' (2019, with Joachim BROHM); 'The Parameters of our Cage' (2020, a conversation with Fausto Cabrera, 2020); 'A Pound of Pictures' (2021); 'Gathered Leaves Annotated' (2022)

This 2nd volume, 'Conversations 2', by Rémi Coignet contains a set of 15 talks he did with players in contemporary photography to investigate the role of the volumes in the work of photographers, designers & publishers - and how their books are designed.
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In his photo volume 'Songbook', the US-American Magnum photographer Alec SOTH shows images detached from their news context and in them reveals the longing for connection to one's own roots. The photo book title was printed in three editions.
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In January 2020, Alec SOTH received a letter from a prison inmate asking the photographer for a dialogue. 'The Parameters of our Cage' contains the following correspondence in times of COVID-19 pandemic, 'Black Lives Matter' movement and civil unrest.
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The photo volume 'Niagara' by Alec SOTH is less about the natural wonder than the human desires associated with this place. They were taken with a large-format 8x10 camera over the course of two years on both the American and Canadian sides of the Falls.
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In the out-of-print 'Gathered Leaves' box contains long unavailable Alec SOTH titles 'Sleeping by the Mississippi', 'Niagara', 'Broken Manual' & 'Songbook' as miniature volumes. In addition, 28 color prints with the most famous images are also a part.
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'Two Rivers' offers an extended view on the works of Joachim BROHM & Alec SOTH. In addition to the juxtaposition of 'Ruhr' & 'Sleeping by the Mississippi', it also contains also groups 'Ohio', 'Dessau Files' & 'Culatra' as well as 'Songbook' & 'Niagara'.
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'Gathered Leaves Annotated' by Alec SOTH brings together five books on over 700 pages of newsprint, updated the original by adding double-page spreads with detailed annotations as notes & text, as well as additional photos. A new compass through his work.
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Boxed set of 10 photo volumes by Jessica BACKHAUS, Gerry BADGER, Harvey BENGE, John GOSSAGE, Todd HIDO, Rob HORNSTRA, Rinko KAWAUCHI, Eva Maria OCHERBAUER, Martin PARR as well as Alec SOTH
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HC with dust jacket, 22 x 23 cm., 96 pp., color ills., text language: English
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With works by Robert FRANK, Garry WINOGRAND, Joel STERNFELD, William EGGLESTON, Alec SOTH, Victor BURGIN, Taino ONORATO & Nico KREBS and many more
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