In 'Intersections,' David GOLDBLATT explores the aftermath of apartheid in and outside Johannesburg. Made up entirely of color works, it reveals the contrasts that define South Africa while marking the beginning of an important new phase in his work.
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'Petrochemical America' by Richard MISRACH contains haunting photographs of the region and Kate Orff's 'Ecological Atlas' - a richly researched and concretely visualized study of the petrochemical industry and American culture that are closely interwoven.
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The catalog volume 'Arbeit / Work' accompanied the major Chris KILLIP retrospective exhibition 'Arbeit/Work. Photographs from 1969-2005'. It included early portraits for the first time and also included the projects made in Ireland and on the Isle of Man
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Self published photo volume 'In the Shadow of the Pyramids' by Laura EL-TANTAWY is apparently quite generally about the hopes and setbacks associated with the Egyptian revolution. However, through the personal texts the book gains significantly in depth.
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Out-of-print photo volume 'South Africa. The Structure of Things Then' represents the culmination of photography, research and writing by David GOLDBLATT. His more than 30 years of experience lends a meaningful undertone to the carefully composed images.
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The out-of-print photo book 'Venten på i går. Waiting for yesterday' by Danish photographer Krass CLEMENT brings together (some full-page) color as well as black-and-white photographs from East Berlin before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. No text.
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Bold and striking are the photography, the Dutch photo artist Viviane SASSEN in the photo volume 'Parasomnia'. Her subject in this monograph a sleep disorder that causes strange feelings and dreams. Both editions are out of print.
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In 'As Terras do Fim do Mundo', Jo RACTLIFFE traces the routes of the 'border war' that South Africa waged in Angola from the mid-1960s to the 80s. The focus is on the war zone itself and how past violencemanifests itself in the landscape of the present.
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'From Here to There' presents the complete spectrum of Alec SOTH's work. The book contains also critical essays that offer information on the working process, photographic historical tradition that underlies his practice, and reflections on recent series.
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