About the photographer, Yusuf Murat ŞEN (b. 1968 in Şırnak)

Yusuf Murat ŞEN attended the Masters Program in the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, as well as receiving his Proficiency in Art. Mainly focusing on the cultural and sociologic tensions of Turkey, the monopolised system of politics, and urbanisation, his work carries the qualities of documentary photography. The artist became a lecturer in 2002, and a professor in 2009. Besides his teaching duties, he also serves as the director of FUAM (Photography Research and Application Center) which he also is one of the founding members, as well as the director of ‘Istanbul Photobook Festival’, organised in Istanbul for the first time in Turkey. Yusuf Murat ŞEN currently lives and works in Istanbul.

Photo books by Yusuf Murat ŞEN

'Wet City / Islak Kent' (2018); 'Fading Away' (2019)

The special edition of self published photo volume 'Wet City / Islak Kent' by turkish photographer Yusuf Murat SEN comes in a special box including a numbered & signed copy plus one limited edition fine art print. This edition box is limited to 100 copies
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Found negatives from the Photo Kandiye archive are the basis for the self-published volume 'Fading Away' by the Turkish photographer Murat Yusuf SEN. The two texts contained therein also name the political aspect of the disappearance of people.
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The self-published photo volume 'Wet City / Islak Kent' Murat Yusuf SEN's contribution to the urban change in Istanbul. He contrasts the rapid development with the slow process of the collodion wet process from the beginnings of photography.
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