more 2nd Hand photo books
This out-of-print photographic volume 'London 1949' by René GROEBLI is the result of a two-week-staying in the bombed-out capital with his rolleiflex camera. The 2nd part of the book contains a series of images shot at London's Crystal Palace Park in 1951
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The out-of-print photo volume 'The Vienna Album' accompanied the exhibition, 2005/2006 at KunstHausWien. Among other icons in photography, it contains also distinctive images which were featured on more than 250 Vogue titles and in countless publications.
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In his out-of-print photo book 'Schultenhöfe', Martin ROSSWOG shows what has been preserved of the old structures and furnishings, what changes the building type has undergone over time and how today's residents have settled into this 'cultural heritage'.
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The out-of-print and hard-to-find volume 'In Search of Dignity and Justice. The untold story of Conservancy Workers in Mumbai' by Sudharak OLWE shows the fate of workers in Bombay. It contains fourty-six mostly full-paged b/w images and six pages of text.
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Out-of-print 'A World in Ruins. Vienna 1945-1948' by Ernst HAAS tells history as a psychic collage. The images of the deep depression in the rubble of bombed-out history contrast with the optimistic awakening. A little-documented part of Austria's history
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Out of print since a long time, this photo volume, 'Death Valley' by French photographer Jeanloup SIEFF, contains sixty black-and-white photographs, mainly landscapes of California's Death Valley.
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The photographic volume 'Approximate Joy' by Christopher ANDERSON offered here is from the 1st edition and is signed by the Magnum photographer. Collector's edition (1 of 30) with a signed C-print on metallic paper. Book with print and yellow slipcase.
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The volume 'Genesis' by Magnum photographer Sebastiao SALGADO is the result of 8 years of intensive travel. It contains images of the last natural spaces that have escaped the grasp of our modern civilization, and the people and animals that live in them.
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In his photo volume 'LA', Hans-Christian SCHINK generates - based on the precise investigation of the no man's land of Los Angeles - a contrast of nocturnal panoramic shots with extreme cropped enlargements that only hint at traces of urban action spaces.
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The book 'For your pleasure' shows works by Johannes BRUS. Since the 1970s, he plays with the medium of photography by reversing, violating or ignoring its rules. By reworking, collaging, destroying & breaking the rules, he creates new photographic images
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