more 2nd Hand photo books

more second hand books

are photo book titles that have already passed through different hands and may have various signs of use (damaged or missing dust jacket, entries or other damage). Here, these are returned to the market at a discount, as they are quite still usable, for example, for study.

'Die Amerikaner' is the German edition of this work that looked at the Americans from a new perspective and which revolutionized the aesthetics of the photo book. It was first published in 2008, on the occasion of the anniversary of the French original.
from 120,00 € Weight 0.8 kg
US photographer Edward WESTON kept a diary in which he recorded his struggle to understand himself, society and his art. 'The Daybooks of Edward Weston' were edited by Nancy Newhall in two volumes: one for his time in Mexico and one for Californian time.
98,00 € Weight 1.6 kg
The Anti-War book 'Kriegsfibel' (War primer) by Bertolt Brecht and Ruth Berlau processes press photos from the Second World War. Images of machines and gruesome scenes were given new captions, socialist-realist epigrams to give the scenes a primal meaning
46,00 € * Weight 0.9 kg
Out-of-print 'Leipzig. Photographs 1956-1959' by Günter BLUTKE shows the saxonian city in the mid-fifties, taking us back to that time and the people living this time of new beginnings, 10 years after the war and before Germany was divided in two states.
24,00 € * Weight 0.4 kg
Linen bound HC with dust jacket, 29 x 33 x 3 cm., 344 pp., b/w ills., trilingual text: English / German / French
38,00 € *
Gebundene Ausgabe mit Schutzumschlag, 16,5 x 24 x 1,5 cm., 200 S., 40 S/W-Aufnahmen (+9 grün eingefäbte Seiten) sowie 25 Farbaufnahmen, deutsch-sprachuger Text - HERE GERMAN TEXT ONLY!
350,00 € *
The out-of-print and hard-to-find volume 'In Search of Dignity and Justice. The untold story of Conservancy Workers in Mumbai' by Sudharak OLWE shows the fate of workers in Bombay. It contains fourty-six mostly full-paged b/w images and six pages of text.
78,00 € * Weight 0.9 kg
Out-of-print 'A World in Ruins. Vienna 1945-1948' by Ernst HAAS tells history as a psychic collage. The images of the deep depression in the rubble of bombed-out history contrast with the optimistic awakening. A little-documented part of Austria's history
248,00 € * Weight 1.1 kg
Out of print since a long time, this photo volume, 'Death Valley' by French photographer Jeanloup SIEFF, contains sixty black-and-white photographs, mainly landscapes of California's Death Valley.
24,00 € Weight 0.4 kg
In his photo volume 'LA', Hans-Christian SCHINK generates - based on the precise investigation of the no man's land of Los Angeles - a contrast of nocturnal panoramic shots with extreme cropped enlargements that only hint at traces of urban action spaces.
from 22,00 € Weight 0.6 kg
Open spined pb. (wrap around dust jacket), 21 x 26 cm., 184 pp., 49 color & 22 b/w ills., text language: English
148,00 €
Softcover (no dust jacket, as issued), approx. 22 x 22 x 0,5 cm., 18 pp., 6 b/w ills., 100 gr., English, details in German/English
98,00 € *
Linen bound HC with dust jacket, 32 x 27,5 x 2 cm., 120 pp., 87 color ills. + 3 panorama views, English
35,00 € *
In out-of-print photo book 'Die Deutschen', René BURRI mainly depicts everyday life in Germany, where the bullet holes from the war can still be seen on the wall of the building. Hepursued his project for many decades. In 1986 and 1999, it was republished
298,00 € Weight 1.5 kg
SC (no dust jacket, as issued), 23 x 28 x 1,5 cm., 116 pp., approx. 100 b/w ills., German text only
35,00 €
In this out-of-print photo volume, 'Nude', American photographer Ralph GIBSON shows a collection of nudes, his best works. His mysterious, dreamlike images pay homage to such greats as MAN RAY and Edward WESTON, while continually pursuing new frontiers.
78,00 € Weight 3.4 kg
The images in the self-published volume 'da denk ich, dass ich fliegen kann' by Conny HÖFLICH give insight into the parallel world of children and the loss of immediate access. The pictures also tell of this in their ambivalence of closeness and distance.
30,00 € * Weight 0.2 kg
Out-of-print 'Werner Bischof. Pictures' presents the work, which is in the area of tension between art and reportage and was created in a short time because of the early death of the photographer. It also contains the color photographs he took in the USA.
58,00 € Weight 2.6 kg
HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 24 x 30,5 x 1,5 cm., 148 pp., color & b/w ills., bilingual texts: German / English
30,00 € *
Out-of-print volume 'NY JS DB 62' features photos of David BAILEY in wintry New York in 1962. By leaving the confines of the studio behind and taking photos on the street, he set new standards and brought the UK back to the forefront of popular culture.
from 19,95 € Weight 0.8 kg
The German-language photo volume 'Bericht aus China. 1957-1980' by Magnum photographer Marc RIBOUD - simultaneously published as 'Visions of China' - contains around 100 documentary black-and-white photographs from the years 1957, 1965, 1971 and 1979.
24,00 € Weight 1.1 kg
This out-of-print new edition of the 1965 monograph 'The Flame of Recognition' about American photographer Edward WESTON contains a cross-section of his work, with portraits and nature photographs as well as texts from his diaries and letters.
32,00 € Weight 0.4 kg
Gebundene Ausgabe mit Schutzumschlag, 22,5 x 28,5 x 2,5 cm., 142 S., ganz- u. doppels. Farb- und S/W-Abb., 1.300 gr., deutsch-sprachiger Text - TEXT ONLY IN GERMAN!
19,50 € * Weight 1 kg
Vol.2 of late 1970s book series 'Photo-Galerie. Die Bibliothek berühmter Photographern' (The Library of Famous Photographers) is dedicated to the work of Hungarian photographer André KERTÉSZ.
19,80 € * Weight 0.4 kg
The out-of-print photographic volume 'A Letter from Japan.' with its black-and-white photographs by U.S. wartime photographer John SWOPE, include shots taken mostly in war-torn Japan in 1945, contrasting with his work as a Hollywood photographer.
35,00 € * Weight 1.5 kg
Out-of-print 'Architectures of Waiting' by Ursula SCHULZ-DORNBURG shows bus stops in Armenia and stations of the Hejaz Railway in Saudi Arabia on a railroad line that once connected Damascus with Medina, but on which no trains have been running for long.
75,00 € * Weight 0.3 kg
SIGNED! 'The River of Kings' by Jacob Aue SOBOL documents the life in the Bangkok sois and the families living along the old railroad line that runs through the slum of Klong Toey. But also the people in the fancy shopping area also caught his attention.
168,00 € * Weight 0.9 kg
The volume 'A Humanist Gaze' by Joseph RODRGUEZ intimately documents the life of people who live at the fringes of society: families who live on the wrong side of the law, prostitutes in Mexico, jail inmates in Zambia and pentecostal pilgrims in Romania.
20,00 € * Weight 0.4 kg
The images in out-of-print 'Ansichten von Pagan, Burma' by Ursula SCHULZ-DORNBURG document a temple system in Burma (Myanmar) in the late 1970s. The book contains landscape photographs as well as pictures of stone sculptures from inside the Ananda Temple.
29,80 € * Weight 0.9 kg
The out-of-print 'Zeitblende' was published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the famous photo agency Magnum. The picture & text book provides an overview of the impressive field of reportage photography that is commensurate with its significance
48,00 € * Weight 2.4 kg
The photo book 'Message from the Interiror' is a large-format, paperback volume consisting of twelve masterpieces by Walker EVANS: black and white photographs, carefully reproduced using the gravure printing process, show views of American interiors.
275,00 € *
HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 23,5 x 33,5 x 2 cm., 124 pp., 65 b/w ills., multi-lingual text: English / French / Portuguese
0,00 € * Weight 1 kg
For his out-of-print volume 'Ladakh', Raphael GAILLARDE documented the magnificent mountains and the everyday life of the residents. Until then, the Tibetan tradition had remained largely untouched in the plateaux between the Himalayas and the Karakorum.
19,80 € * Weight 0.6 kg
This version of 'Gypsies' by Joseph KOUDELKA represents the first realization of the original maquette, which was created by the photographer together with graphic artist Milan Kopřiva in 1968 and was originally intended to be published in Prague in 1970.
98,00 € Weight 1.5 kg
The book 'L.A. 1971' contains the first black and white recordings by Anthony HERNANDEZ. The pictures were all taken in one day in L.A. The design of the book is based directly on the project and exudes the same stringency that characterizes the project.
48,00 € *
Out-of-print volume 'Berlin und die Berlinern' with 60 images by Lynn MILLAR and 27 b/w images by Will McBRIDE contains a compilation of the most expressive photos of an exhibition shown in 1958, supplemented by additional shots from East and West Berlin.
45,00 € * Weight 0.6 kg
The 'The Arsenic Eaters' by Simon BRUGNER explores the historical belief that eating arsenic was healthy. It consists of contemporary photographs as well as archival material and traces the poison eaters to make a connection between history and present.
from 29,80 € Weight 0.9 kg
'MAGNUM's first' reproduces the first MAGNUM show with 83 black-and-white images by the Magnum photographers Werner BISCHOF, Henri CARTIER-BRESSON, Robert CAPA, Ernst HAAS, Erich LESSING, Jean MARQUIS, Inge MORATH & Marc RIBOUD, reproduced in large format
38,00 € * Weight 1.7 kg
Vol.1 of late 1970s book series 'Photo-Galerie. Die Bibliothek berühmter Photographern' (The Library of Famous Photographers) is dedicated to the work of Jacques-Henri LARTIGUE, whose early sports photographs represent the fascination of an era for speed.
19,80 € * Weight 0.5 kg
Paperback (no dust jacket, as issued), 23 x 28 x 1,5 cm., 200 pp., 179 b/w ills., text language: English. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1985.
24,00 € *
Out-of-print photo book 'Vier mal vier. Photographs from Bargfeld' contains a selection of color photographs that Arno SCHMIDT took in Bargfeld and the surrounding area until his death in 1979. They show a trained eye for structures, nuances and details.
45,00 € * Weight 1.3 kg
The out-of-print volume 'Half Life' by Michael ACKERMAN with images from Poland, Cuba, New York, Berlin and elsewhere, is hard to place. A hallucinated array of images of exile and of phantoms, in which places and people absorb us into the same black aura
398,00 € * Weight 1.2 kg
This report, 'Garzweiler' (or how the lignite connection burns up an entire region), with b/w photographs by Eusebius WIRDEIER, reveals the machinations of a powerful lignite connection of business, politics and trade unions in the fight for Garzweiler II
from 48,00 € Weight 0.6 kg
The out-of-print volume 'Seiltänze' by Wolfgang KROLOW is a photo book from and about Kreuzberg, Berlin. It contains black-and-white photographs showing alldays life in the early 1980s. The texts are by Rolf Hosfeld and Peter-Paul Zahl.
98,00 € Weight 0.9 kg
In his photographic book 'Japan. Fleeting Encounters', German photographer Stefan BONESS explores the historical and cultural dimensions of Japan, creating a melancholic portrait of a country that is both modern and deeply rooted in ancient traditions.
28,00 € * Weight 0.4 kg
In his out-of-print Leporello photo volume 'Roma, Città di Mezzo' South Africa photographer Guy TILLIM searches for the city in the middle, the light in the middle. His appeal lies in the strong tension of his search for scale in the city.
80,00 € Weight 1.1 kg
The out-of-print catalog 'Günther Förg: Painting, Sculpture, Installation' was published in 1989 on the occasion of the exhibitions at Newport Harbor, San Francisco, and Milwaukee. Essays by Bonnie Clearwater. Paperback with 157 color illustrated pages.
25,00 € Weight 0.8 kg
In 'As Terras do Fim do Mundo', Jo RACTLIFFE traces the routes of the 'border war' that South Africa waged in Angola from the mid-1960s to the 80s. The focus is on the war zone itself and how past violencemanifests itself in the landscape of the present.
120,00 € Weight 1.4 kg
HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 30 x 21 x 1,5 cm., 101 pp., b/w ills., 990 gr., German text only
24,00 € *
18,00 € * Weight 0.8 kg
In this long out-of-print photo volume 'New York / New York', the famous war photographer David Douglas DUNCAN presents the black-and-white photographs of the 'flying salesman' George FORSS along with his story on the streets of the American metropolis.
65,00 € * Weight 1.4 kg
Out-of-print book 'A fetish for beauty. Sein Gesamtwerk' is not focused solely on the fashion photography by Erwin BLUMENFELD. A detailed essay and numerous images published reveal the many facets of his oeuvre as well as the stages of his eventful life.
25,00 € * Weight 1.8 kg
In his out-of-print photo volume 'Seacoal' British photographer Chris KILLIP records life, work as well as the struggle for survival on a beach in the northeast of England in the early 1980s. Some shots were also part of his legendary book 'In Flagrante'.
from 38,00 € Weight 0.9 kg
'New York. Ansichten' by Arno FISCHER is the result of a trip to the US-American metropolis with the writer Heiner Müller. In addition to the sociologically motivated documentary photographs, it also contains artistic photographs as well as still lifes.
from 38,00 € Weight 1 kg
Broschierte Ausgabe ohne Schutzumschlag (wie erschienen), 18 x 26 x 1 cm., 121 S., 111 S/W-Aufnahmen, deutsch-sprachiger Text - GERMAN TEXT ONLY!
28,00 € *
The out-of-print volume 'Time' offers a profound overview of the work of prominent French artist Christian BOLTANSKI, describing a parcours of Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt, combined with philosophical, literary and art historical texts.
68,00 € * Weight 1.1 kg
Out-of-print volume 'Missing Buildings' by Thom & Beth ATKINSON is the result of a project on buildings in London destroyed or damaged by bombing between 1940 and 1945. From the enigmatic gap to the mismatched post-war housing estate in the city center.
98,00 € Weight 1 kg
SC (no dust jacket, as issued), 20,5 x 20,5 x 2 cm., 180 pp., b/w ills., bilingual etxt: German / English
25,00 €
'Der Kälte entfliehen (To Escape the Cold). Gerda Maleta's Bernhard Photographs' documents excursions & travels with the reclusive writer Thomas Bernhard to Sicily, Portugal & Mallorca. An introduction is followed by scenes on trips from 1974 to 1982.
68,00 € * Weight 0.4 kg
In his now out-of-print photo volume 'America', Ulrich GEBERT documents the living conditions of African migrants around the orange harvest in Spain. The photo book closes with a trilingual text contribution (in English, Spanish, German) by Jens Kastner.
78,00 € * Weight 0.6 kg
The out-of-print photographic volume 'Fahrende' by Lillian BIRNBAUM contains a black-and-white photo series consisting of over sixty shots of fairs and carnies, i.e. people in motion. The photographs were taken throughout Austria in the early 1980s.
45,00 € * Weight 0.8 kg
For out-of-print book 'Ghana. An African Portrait', Paul STRAND collected and found motifs - landscapes, architecture, portraits, street scenes - that were suitable for documenting the transition to modernization of Ghana, who had declared as independent.
45,00 €
Volume No.6 of the book series 'Grosse Photographern unserer Zeit' (Great Photographers of Our Time) presents the work of Swiss Magnum photographer Werner BISCHOF (1916-1954) in over 80 b/w images - works in the area of tension between art and reportage.
16,00 € * Weight 0.6 kg
This out-of-print book 'Menschenbilder. Photos aus den Jahren 1966 bis 1986' by Michael HOROWITZ contains portraits of Thomas Bernhard, John Lennon, Andy WARHOL, among others, as well as a mounted original photograph and a signature of the photographer.
128,00 €
Catalog brochure 'Treppen im (stairs at) Künstlerhaus Bethanien' by Marianne POHL was published on the occasion of the exhibition there in 1981. It contains a total of 27 b/w photographs on, a text by Inken Nowald as well as a biographical artist's note.
9,80 € Weight 0.3 kg
Gebundene Ausgabe mit Schutzumschlag (leicht angestoßen), 232 x 28 x 2,5 cm., 264 S., 232 S/W-Abb. (davon 150 ganzseitig), deutsch-sprachig - GERMAN TEXT ONLY!
58,00 € *
The book 'The Flow' by Dominik BAUR is about the fascination of a magic moment. It presents nature photographs and portraits of extraordinary people from all over the world, met on an intensive road trip to the best surf spots in Europe in France & Spain.
39,90 € * Weight 1.3 kg
The out-of-print volume 'Yangon Fashion 1979'by Lukas BIRK brings to light photographs from the 1970s from Myanmar, when dictatorship ruled there. The emerging portrait photography became important for the development of the cultural identity of the youth
280,00 € * Weight 0.5 kg
The out-of-print landscape format photographic volume 'Brazil' by Italian Albano GUATTI with a text translated into German by Jorge Amado contains 122 full-page color illustrations, original linen with original cover.
18,00 € * Weight 1.4 kg
In his photo volume 'A Road Through Shore Pine' Robert ADAMS traces a contemplative journey, first by car, then on foot, along a lonely tree-lined road to the sea. His photographs of trees hold a unique sensitivity to the subtleties and meanings of light.
0,00 € Weight 0.5 kg
It is thanks to Beate & Heinz ROSE that the German society in pairs from the 1970s was preserved in book form forever. This photo book allows various readings, depending on whether you are e.g. interested in role allocation or fashion - it's my pleasure!
148,00 € * Weight 0.8 kg
68,00 € * Weight 1.1 kg
Small ed., gebundene Ausgabe ohne Schutzumschlag (wie erschienen), 19 x 17,5 x 1,5 cm., etwa. 120 unpaginierte S., 72 S/W & Farb-Abb., deutsch-sprachiger Text - GERMAN TEXT ONLY!
28,00 € *
HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 27 x 27 x 1,5 cm., 120 pp., appendix, short overview about history, highly b/w illustrated, 930 gr., German / English
28,00 € *
Pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 16,5 x 23 x 1 cm., 96 pp., color ills., text language: English
78,00 € *
Out-of-print volume 'David Goldblatt. Photographs' is an anthology of the South African photographer's works, published on the occasion of the 2006 exhibition in Arles (with Martin Parr as curator). It takes the viewer from 1960s South Africa to the 2000s
98,00 € * Weight 1.9 kg
Overview volume from Folkwang Museum Essen on Aenne BIERMANN's work with biography. "The single object, which never stood out from the group of well-known images in its familiar surroundings, assumed a unique life on the focusing screen." (Aenne BIERMANN)
35,00 € *
The out-of-print volume 'Karl Blossfeldt Photographs 1865-1932' by photo historian Rolf Sachsse contains a trilingual introduction (German, French & English) and more than fifty-five black-and-white illustrations of plant photographs from the late 1920s.
14,00 € * Weight 2.9 kg
The photographs by Sibylle BERGEMANN illustrate the volume 'Himmelhölle Manhattan' by Irene Runge, which was published in the former GDR in the late 1980s. Classic street photography that captures the events of the day - with a dash of social criticism.
34,00 € * Weight 0.5 kg
For this out-of-print book 'Blumenfeld Studio. Color, New York, 1941-1960' the original slides were recovered from the archive and the colors meticulously reconstructed. Thus, for the first time, his compositions can be seen in their original form & color
58,00 € * Weight 1.1 kg
HC with dust jacket, 22 x 25 x 2 cm., 192 pp., mainly full-paged b/w ills., text language: English
18,00 € *
18,00 € * Weight 0.8 kg