About the Russian photographer, Irina ROZOVSKY

Irina ROZOVSKY makes photographs of people and places, transforming external landscapes into interior states. She finds inspiration in the unknown and the sense of possibility that it creates. Her working process is spontaneous and intuitive – attuned to momentary shifts in light and atmosphere and circumstance; animated by unplanned, transient encounters with people and places in states of flux. She and her husband, Mark STEINMETZ, run the photography project space, 'The Humid'. Irina ROZOVSKY lives and works in Athens, Georgia.

Photo books by Irina ROZOVSKY

'One to Nothing' (2011, Debut book); 'Island in my Mind' (2015); 'In Plain Air' (2021)

'Island in my mind' by Russian photographer Irina ROZOVSKY emerged from material she photographed at Cuba in 2012. The project received the first prize in the Dummy Awards at the Kassler Photo Book Festival in 2014.
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Photo volume 'In Plain Air' by Irina ROZOVSKY is a lyrical portrait of Prospect Park in Brooklyn, the epitome of the American melting pot. Captured is the interaction of city and nature, in studies of its visitors wanting to escape the noise of the city.
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Irina ROZOVSKY's photographs in 'One to Nothing' are not politically charged, even though they were taken in Israel. The photographs were taken at a location of historical conflict, where it is not always clear who is the winner and who is the victim.
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