About the German photographer, Henry ROX (b. in Berlin as Heinrich Rosenberg, 1899-1967).

Henry ROX was an artist, sculptor and photographer. In 1934 he left Germany with his wife and changed their name to Henry and Lotte Rox. In 1938 they emigrated to New York, where they obtained American citizenship. In Berlin and the United States he created sculptural works. Another form of his artistic activity was humanized fruit and fruit scenes, which were first built in the studio and then photographed by him. The photographs were published in (children's/youth's) books as well as in well-known magazines & journals. For a musical film 'Strike up the Band' (1940) with Judy Garland and Mike Rooney, he constructed an entire animated fruit orchestra.

Books with works by Henry ROX

'Henry Rox Revue' (2021, by Wolfgang Vollmer)

'Henry Rox Revue' edited by Wolfgang Vollmer could also be a children's book. Artistic feats as well as bizarre everyday occurrences are depicted here with the help of fruits and vegetables, which the photographer has arranged in imaginative arrangements.
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