About the French photographer, Willy RONIS (1910-2009)

Willy RONIS counts with Henri CARTIER-BRESSON, Sabine WEISS and Robert DOISNEAU to the French school of photographic humanism. He actually wanted to become a composer, but after his military service in 1932 he had to help out in his father's photo studio in Paris. When his father died in July 1936, he sold the store and moved away. He began his photographic career with social reportage. He did not arrange the people in his pictures, but left the composition to chance. In 1983, he bequeathed his photographic legacy to the French state. The city of Paris dedicated a retrospective to him in 2005/2006, and the Paris-themed exhibition was visited by more than 500,000 people. After 73 professional years, he stopped photographing for health reasons at the age of 91. Willy RONIS died in 2009 at the age of 99.

Photobooks by Willy RONIS

'Belleville Ménilmontant' (1954, 2018); 'Sur le fil du hasard' (1980; 1991); 'Mon Paris' (1985); 'A nous la vie! 1936–1958' (1996, 2016, with Didier Daeninckx); 'Toutes belles' (1999, with Régine Deforges); 'Willy Ronis' (2002); 'Paris éternellement' (2005); 'Nues' (2008); 'Provence' (2008); 'Willy Ronis in der DDR / Willy Ronis en RDA. 1960-1967' (2021)

In 'Zuerst das Leben' Willy RONIS documents a modern socialism, ignoring the problems of the system. These are pictures about everyday life in the GDR, which - detached from the context of the Cold War - unfold their full stylistic and aesthetic effect.
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The out-of-print catalog illuminates more than 60 years of French photographer Willy RONIS' long career and covers all thematic aspects of his work. Shown is a sharp & sensitive observer of everyday French life, a great humanist & chronicler of a century.
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The book 'Belleville-Ménilmontant' by French photographer Willy RONIS shows a unique testimony of a vanished, humble, carefree Paris. Didier Daeninckx, has come up with the story of a man who has returned to retrace his steps to the atmospheric b/w shots.
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'Photographers A-Z' brings together photographers who have made a significant contribution to photographic culture, as well as the most important photographic volumes of the past century. The entries are illustrated with facsimiles from books & magazines.
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