About Italian photographer, Fulvio ROITER (1926-2016)

Fulvio ROITER came from Meolo, a municipality in the province of Venice, and was active in the field of travel photography; he gained international fame in the 1950s through illustrated books about Venice. He worked primarily in black and white for two decades; in the early 1970s he switched to color photography. Since 1947, the trained chemist worked as an independent photographer; he acquired the necessary knowledge autodidactically. At the end of the 1940s he joined the photographic community 'La Gondola di Venezia' founded by Paolo MONTI. In the 1950s he traveled extensively throughout Europe and South America. He regularly published the resulting photographs in illustrated books. From 1968 he worked for the Zurich publishing house Atlantis, for which he produced illustrated books on South America, Africa and Asia. In 1977 he produced Essere Venezia (German title: 'Traumhaftes Venedig'), his most commercially successful photo book, which reached a total circulation of over 600,000 copies. In total, he published more than 70 illustrated books. Fulvio ROITER died in Venice at the age of 89 after a short illness.

Photo books by and about the work of Fulvio ROITER

  • 'Venise À Fleur D'Eau' (1954); 'Ombrie. Terre de St. François' (1955); 'Brazil' (1969); 'Turkey' (1970, with Freya Stark); 'Spain' (1972); 'Venice. Museum in the Lagoon' (1973); 'Dreamlike Venice' (1978, with Andrea Zanzotto); 'Lebanon' (1980); 'Florence and Tuscany' (1981); 'Fulvio Roiter' (1982); 'Moments' (1985); 'Italy: Impressions' (1988, 1991); 'The Venice Lagoon' (1992, with Goffredo Parise); 'Fulvio Roiter' (2012, by Roberto Mutti); 'Photographs 1948-2007' (2018); 'High-rise New York' (2022);

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