About the Norwegian photographer, Torbjörn RODLAND (b.1970 in Stavanger)

Torbjörn RODLAND makes photographic images that pointedly address their viewers, evoking a wide range of emotional and intellectual states. He also emphasizes the formal attributes of his photographs, pushing the medium toward modes of visual expression more commonly associated with painting, and forging links between 20th century art photography and 21st century approaches to image-making common to advertising and social media. His photographs and experimental videos have been exhibited extensively since the 1990s. Torbjörn RODLAND has published a series of photo book titles since 2008.

Photo books by Torbjörn RODLAND

'Confabulations' (2018); 'The Model' (2017); 'Sasquatch City' (2015);'White Planet Black Heart' (2006); 'Vanilla Partner' (2012); 'Andy Capp Variations' (2011); 'A day in the life of...' (2009); 'I want to live innocent' (2008)

In 'The Pregnant Virgin' Torbjörn RODLAND explores analog photography in dialogue with online digital culture with precision and a sense of surrealism and surprise. The sequence feeds on symbolism and texture in a sense reminiscent of religious painting.
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The out-of-print photo volume 'Confabulations' by Torbjörn RODLAND shows analog photographs that subtly distort fractured memories as well as childhood fantasies in order to arrive at the truth. Fragmentation serves as a starting point for new connections
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'Vanilla Partner' by Torbjörn RODLAND brings together works made in Oslo, Tokyo, Beijing and Los Angeles. His fifth book continues in this vein, combining images of fetishized isolation in a layout that rejects the linear structure of thematic photo books
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 18,5 x 23 cm., 128 pp., 75 color ills. & 8 duotone b/w ills., text language: English
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 22,5 x 27 x 2cm., 144 pp., 80 color ills., English text (over 20 pp.)
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In his long out-of-print book of photographs, 'I Want to Live Innocent,' Norwegian photographer Torbjørn RODLAND uses his hometown of Stavanger to reflect on the paradoxes that come with affluence and materialism in the center of Norway's oil industry.
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