About the American photographer, Doug RICKARD (b.1968, in San Jose, CA)

Doug RICKARD studied United States history and sociology, at University of California, San Diego. He uses technologies such as Google Street View and YouTube to find images, which he then photographs on his computer monitor. His photography has been published in books, exhibited in galleries and held in the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. He is founder & publisher of the websites 'American Suburb X', and 'These Americans' which publishes some of his collection of found photographs. Doug RICKARD lives and works Shingle Springs, near Sacramento, CA.

Photo books by and with participation by Doug RICKARD 

'A New American Picture' (2010, 2012); 'N.A' (2013, 2014); 'Tom' (2013); 'All Eyes On Me' (2014); 'Patriot Act' (2014); 'The World Atlas of Street Photography' (2014)

American photographer Doug RICKARD's small hardcover volume 'All Eyes On Me' contains eleven four-color plates of Polaroid images in full color on 16 pages with an original signed photograph.
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'Anonymes. L'Amérique sans nom. Photographie et cinéma' documents the representation of anonymous citizens in US in photos by Walker EVANS, Jeff WALL, Chauncey HARE, Lewis BALTZ, Anthony HERNANDEZ, Bruce GILDEN, Arianna ARCARA & Luc SANTESE, Doug RICKARD.
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'A New American Picture' by Doug RICKARD contains color photographs of machine-generated images. He defines his own image section - in this way detaches them from the context of their automated origin to create snapshots of urban & rural decay in the U.S.
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The photo volume 'N.A.' by Doug RICKARD is a personal hymn to the USA. With his photographs he provides an undisguised view of the dark side of American society and touches on topics such as discrimination, politics and the dangers of digital surveillance
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