About the German artist, Gerhard RICHTER (*1932 in Dresden).

Gerhard RICHTER is a painter, sculptor and photographer. He graduated from the secondary commercial school in Zittau in 1948 with the Mittlere Reife and was trained there from 1949 to 1951 as a sign painter and stage and advertising painter. In 1950 his application for admission to the Dresden College of Fine Arts was rejected. In 1951 he was able to begin his studies at the art academy there. His mural for the refectory of the Dresden Academy, created in 1955 for his intermediate diploma, was painted over after his escape (1961). He continued his art studies at the Düsseldorf Art Academy until 1964. Among his fellow students in Götz's class were Sigmar Polke, HA Schult and Gotthard Graubner. In 1971 he received a professorship for painting at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. Here he taught until 1993. 
In the early 1960s Gerhard RICHTER used photographs as models for paintings for the first time, a method he used regularly thereafter. These were incidental motifs from newspaper and magazine clippings (later also based on his own photographs), which he enlarged by painting, transferred to the canvas predominantly in gray and white and thus exaggerated. This method is characterized by a blurred effect that alienates the realism of the originals. Stefan Germer pointed out that Gerhard RICHTER used his art "less to produce new images than to reflect on existing ones." Next to the paintings of photos of banal objects are paintings of contemporary historical persons or events that, in Richter's words, "show my present' these include sports cars, motorboats and military planes, secretaries, the prostitute Helga Matura, the euthanasia perpetrator Werner Heyde, the related Uncle Rudi in his Wehrmacht uniform, and the Kennedy assassin Oswald. This 'epoch' found its final climax in the so-called RAF cycle 'October 18, 1977'.

Books by and about Gerhard RICHTER

  • 'On Richter's October Pictures ' (1991); '128 Photos of a Picture 1978' (1998); 'October 18, 1977' (2000); 'Landscapes' (2002); 'Sindbad' (2008); 'Wald' (2008); 'Overpainted Photographs' (2008); 'Inside The Studio' (2008, photographed by Erika KIFFL); 'December. 39 Stories. 39 pictures' (2010, together with Alexander Kluge); 'Eis' (2011); 'Gerhard Richter at work' (2012, photographed by Benjamin KATZ); 'Message of quiet moments. 89 stories. 64 pictures' (2013, together with A.Kluge); '93 details from my picture Birkenau' (2015); 'Birkenau' (2016); 'Leben und Werk' (2019, 2022); 'Landschaft' (2020); 'Jedes Bild ist ein Spiegel / Every picture is a mirror'. Conversations with Hans Ulrich Obrist' (2021); 'Künstlerbücher / Artist's Books. 1966-2021' (2022)

Cloth bound HC with tipped in photograph (no dust jacket, as issued), 31,5 x 26,5 x 2 cm., 176 pp., 82 color ills., text language: English
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'Cologne and its photo books. Cologne in the photo book from 1853 to 2010 'by Werner Schäfke shows the city as a large puzzle. Whether published in-house, on behalf of the city or industry, they document the diversity of this old & young Rhine metropolis.
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Gerhard RICHTER's compendium of his series, 'Atlas', shows more than 800 plates including the series 'War Cut', as well as about 50 plates with the late motifs, including the designs for the stained glass window in the south transept of Cologne Cathedral.
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English edition. This catalog raisonné documents the entire spectrum of graphic and photographic editions by prominent German artist Gerhard RICHTER as well as his books, multiples and editions in oil that he realized between 1965 and 2004.
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The German-language text volume 'About my artists' contains speeches, lectures, texts about German and international photographers, artists, friends, books and works on the 75th birthday of the publisher's founder and director Lothar Schirmer.
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English ed., 2nd print run! Linen bound HC, 17 x 23 x 6 cm., 862 pp., highly color illustrated, text language: English
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HC, 20 x 25 cm., 88 pp., deutsch-sprachiger Text - GERMAN TEXT ONLY!
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'Gerhard Richter. Artists Books 1966-2021' is an annotated catalog raisonné by Uwe Koch, who has assigned a total of 56 numbers. Bibliographical data & manufacturers are listed and occasion and book concept listed, accompanied by detailed illustrations.
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'Ludwig Wittgenstein. Photography as Analytical Practice' contains his album, photographs of automata, and other self-portraits. In addition, the book places his photographs in a dialogue with the photographic practice and theory of contemporary artists.
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'It is as it is' shows numerous letters, photos & documents, as well as pictures from the time when Gerhard RICHTER's early work in Dresden ended with his flight from the GDR in 1961 and his official work in the West was not to begin until the end of 1962
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