The category 'FOR PROFESSIONALS / CURATOR'S CHOICE' gathers recommendations that are suitable for professionals, e.g. Curators. This includes secondary literature such as compendia and monographs.

'Quitting Your Day Job. Chauncey Hare's Photographic Work' addresses the difficult relationship between art & politics that has defined the career of Chauncey HARE. Robert Slifkin draws on largely unexplored material to analyze these brilliant photographs
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'Pandora's Camera' by Joan FONTCUBERTA gathers essays in which he considers the technological changes photography has experienced since the 2000s: between loss & hope, the disappearance of silver gelatin photography as well as the possibilities of digital
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'The Bitter Years: Edward Steichen and the FSA Photographs' contains all the photos from the original exhibition in the structure & sequence as conceived for the show. An important contribution, as there was no proper catalog for the show at the time.
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'The Italian Photobook 1931-1941' by Giorgio Grillo traces the short, intense history of (photo)graphic modernism in Italy - as a medium between autonomous visual research and a 'functional' use in the often overlapping areas of advertising & propaganda.
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This volume, 'Josef Koudelka: The Making of Exiles', represents an exploration of the making and developement of that photographic journey in which he described the journeys and everyday lives of the peoples he encountered on his travels through Europe.
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This book shows Marie GOSLICH photographs as a mirror of their time, documenting the social ills & the destruction of infrastructure in Berlin. With her camera she traces as well hardship, narrowness as decay and drew an unadulterated picture of the city.
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In 'Photobooks &' researcher Matt Johnston explores trends & practices based on research, interviews & his own experiences. He proposes a critical framework for looking at photo book use and calls for a reorientation to address its communicative potential
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The exhibition 'New Topographics: Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape' signaled the emergence of a new approach in landscape photography and gave the movement its name. This book documents the historical significance as well as its ongoing relevance.
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'Gallery of Honours of Dutch Photography' contains nearly one hundred photographs, each remarkable for its artistic, aesthetic and social qualities. Together, the images tell the story of 180 years of photography in the Netherlands and its colonies.
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In 'Nun stirbt der Traum Paris' (Now Paris dream dies), Kerstin Stremmel traces a short history of the photo studio by examining stage sets from various productions using historical sketches & photos. A good overview of the multi-faceted events on stage.
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