About the Indian Magnum photographer, Raghu RAI (b. 1942)

Raghu RAI has been a photographer since 1965. In 1977 nominated to join Magnum Photos by Henri CARTIER-BRESSON, his photographic essays have been published in international magazines as TIME, LIFE, The New York Times, Newsweek and The National Geographic. In 1971, he awarded the Padma Shri by the Government in India, in 1992 he was honored as Photographer of the Year in the USA.

Photo books by Raghu RAI

'A Day in the Life of India' (1996); 'Raghu Rai's India. Reflections in Black and White' (2007); 'India Notes' (2007); 'Delhi Contrasts and Confluence' (2007); 'Raghu Rai's India. Reflections in Colour' (2008); 'Raghu Rai's Delhi' (2009); 'My Land and Its People' (2009); 'Varanasi. Portrait Of A Civilization' (2010); 'Bombay/Mumbai. Where Dreams Don't Die' (2010); 'Bangladesh. The Price of Freedom' (2013); 'People: His Finest Portraits' (2016); 'Picturing Time: The Greatest Photographs of Raghu Rai' (2019)

This photo volume, 'Raghu Rai's India', by India's Magnum photographer contains color images from the 1980s to the 2000s. His images tell of ordinary people, the rituals and routines that make up their daily rhythms, their spiritual fervor and dignity.
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