'Ephemere' by Paul CUPIDO emphasizes the volatility of existence in the process of creation, metamorphosis and disappearance. It's about the fragility of life, the interconnectedness of human / non-human and the silence on which every expression is based.
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The photos in 'At Dusk' by Miyuki OKUYAMA give insight into her inner life and her states of mind as she moved from one culture to another. The images are inspired by fragmented childhood memories, long repressed fears, and vaguely remembered nightmares.
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The photo book 'Peace Dance' by Finnish photographer Sanne KATAINEN is a praise to the every day’s fleeting encounters with a touch of mystery and banality, depth and lightness, melancholy and shallowness at the same time.
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'Island in my mind' by Russian photographer Irina ROZOVSKY emerged from material she photographed at Cuba in 2012. The project received the first prize in the Dummy Awards at the Kassler Photo Book Festival in 2014.
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In out-of-print 'Und der Garten alles Beton', photographs by Adrian CAMPEAN meet poems by Dan Sociu, telling about the love of two Romanians coming from poverty. The images show roughness of the city, the dramaturgy drifts from the public into the private
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15 photographs by Peter-Andreas HASSIEPEN illustrate the volume 'Ufer der Verlorenen' (Shores of the Lost) by Joseph Brodsky, inspired by wintry Venice, writing about the eternal themes of love, Eros, fidelity, dreams, longingsand the pain of separation.
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In 'Ciprian Honey Cathedral' Raymond MEEKS carefully examines the legibility of our material surroundings and the people who are closest to us. He is known for using photography to poetically distill the boundaries of sight, awareness, and understanding.
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'Gift' is the subtle story of a friendship with images full of poetry. American Terri WEIFENBACH and Japanese Rinko KAWAUCHI are two internationally recognized photographers who have been corresponding across continents and exchanging photos since 2011.
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