Mortality and the slow dissolution of late age are the main theme in the photo book 'Mother' as well as another aspect: If we fluctuate between life and death, the roles of child and parent become observers, the created becomes the creator.
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HC, 26,5 x 21,5 cm., 78 pp., 30 color ills., text language: English, Ltd. to 500 copies
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Erich ANDRES, GERMIN, Günter ZINT (eds.) Gebundene Ausgabe mit Schutzumschlag, 28,5 x 31 cm., 320 S., etwa 300 S/W- & Farb-Abb., deutsch-sprachiger Text - GERMAN TEXT ONLY!
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Pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 19 x 24,5 x 3 cm., 160 pp., 94 color ills., text: English, Ltd. to 600 copies
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Photo volume 'What She Said' contains portraits that Deanna TEMPLETON made in the USA, Europe, Australia & Russia in combination with gig flyers as well as her own diary entries from the 1980s. A disclosure of growing up, full of humor and pathos.
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B/w photographs from the 1920s to 1950s, some of which were published for the first time, create a small custom painting of a time when not only the region, which is still rural, has crossed the threshold of modernity, but also the photography itself.
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 25 x 27 x 1,5 cm., 104 pp., 48 color ills., bilingual text: English / Russian
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The photo volume 'Choupette by Karl Lagerfeld' includes a selection of Polaroids that Karl LAGERFELD takes every day of his beloved cat and muse. This book is a loving and playful look into Choupette's gorgeous world.
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In 'I saw the air fly' children from Turkey, Syria & Iraq show their surroundings through their distinctive, wondering gaze: a vision marked by surprise & play, in which friends & family are captured head-standing, leaning out of windows, and in disguise.
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'Unfinished Father' by Erik KESSELS is the photographic documentation of a car construction project of his father, which remained unfinished because the father died over it. The volume symbolizes the image that the son has made of his very active father.
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