'Twentysix Houses Along Waldeggstrasse' by Otto HAINZL quotes the artist book 'Twentysix Gasoline Stations' by Ed RUSCHA. The b/w images by the Austrian show the empty buildings of a street in Linz as well as the social dramaturgy of urban development.
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A collection of various photo book titles by the US-american photographer Robert ADAMS (b.1937). The titles listed in this set are out of print and / or signed. This complete offer can include various editions of the same title.
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The images of ALBARRÁN CABRERA in 'Remembering the Future' speak to us of memory and experience. At first glance, their very clarity is moving. After a time, rather than real scenes, they begin to seem the settings for dreams about to vanish into the mist
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Out-of-print catalog for the major 'Bernd & Hilla Becher' retrospective at Metropolitan Musem with 3 essays and 108 plates to their life & work in a broad sweep. For the 1st time including their early works as well as an interview with the son Max Becher.
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This Walker-EVANS-Photobook-Library consists of 22 mostly English-language titles from the years 1966 to 2015, also including secondary literature on his work - like compendia on his work within the FSA with LANGE, ROTHSTEIN, DELANO and PARKS.
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The photo volume 'No one can love like we do' by Ylva SUNDGREN deals about the time in between, about times when you don't have an intimate relationship, about lonely times of waiting and longing. It contains 44 color images and a poem by Sanna Svanberg.
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Offered here is a set of various photobook titles by American photographer Mitch EPSTEIN (b. 1952). Some of the titles in this set are out of print. The 'Little Mitch Epstein Photobook Library' consists of twelve titles.
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The trilingual photo book 'Street Life' by Antanas SUTKUS contains early black and white photographs from Vilnius, the capital of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Lithuania at the time. They show tiny islands of individuality in a strict and brutal system
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Cafe Lehmitz Photobook libraries shall enable collectors as well as institutions to acquire out-of-print titles at a price that can be paid. This library, the Lee FRIEDLANDER Photobook Library, contains 28 by and with contribution by this photographer.
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A collection of various photo book titles by the American photographer Berenice ABBOTT (1898-1991). The titles listed in this set are already out of stock. This complete offer can include various editions of the same title.
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