The images shown in this volume, 'Puglia. Tra Albe e Tramonti', reveal relationship of Luigi GHIRRI with the Puglia region. Mostly little known and unpublished, they capture textures of urban life and delight with visual coincidences and tactile details.
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In their volume 'Look at me like you love me' Jess T. DUGAN reflects on desire, intimacy, society and how our identities are shaped by these experiences. A highly personal collection of portraits, couples and still lifes, interwoven with diary-like notes.
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'Quitting Your Day Job. Chauncey Hare's Photographic Work' addresses the difficult relationship between art & politics that has defined the career of Chauncey HARE. Robert Slifkin draws on largely unexplored material to analyze these brilliant photographs
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In the book 'Frames of References' we get to know the extensive work of Lucinda DEVLIN. As one of the early important representatives of the 'New Color Photography', her focus is on interiors of all kinds and since the 2000s on outdoor spaces & landscapes
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'AMERICAN POLYCHRONIC' includes the works of Roe ETHRIDGE created from 2000 to 2021. Artistic & personal work is arranged chronologically and interwoven with his commercial photography in reverse order creating a vivid sequence of harmonies & dissonances.
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The leporello volume 'One Day Every Day' by Zuzana PUSTAIOVÁ is an ironic commentary on social norms. It shows the deeper layers of institutional restrictions, which are thought up by politics and passed on to the public by the media and social networks.
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In this volume, 'Blood Orange / Naranja de Sangre', Liza AMBROSSIO, infected by the aesthetics of Japanese counterculture and Aztec rituals of human sacrifice, she mixes psychological techniques of manipulation, with science, fiction, eruro & witchcraft.
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'Realitatea' by Andrea DIEFENBACH is the result of a long-term project and contains vignettes from Moldova, a country in a state of limbo, and facsimiles of newspapers and texts that place them in the context of the political events of the past ten years.
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'Deana Lawson' accompanies her first comprehensive museum survey exhibition. A singular voice, she has been investigating and challenging conventional representations of black identities in the African American and African diaspora for over fifteen years.
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