Background information

The Paris Photo–Aperture PhotoBook Awards is existing since 2012 and  recognizes excellence in three major categories of photobook publishing:

  • First PhotoBook
    PhotoBook of the Year
    Photography Catalogue of the Year.

10th anniversary of the Paris Photo–Aperture PhotoBook Awards, 25th anniversary of Paris Photo and the 70th anniversary of Aperture

2022 marks the tenth anniversary of the Paris Photo–Aperture PhotoBook Awards - a celebration of the photobook’s contributions to the evolving narrative of photography. “We are very proud to celebrate ten years of the PhotoBook Awards on this twenty-fifth anniversary of Paris Photo and the seventieth anniversary of Aperture,” comments Florence Bourgeois, director of Paris Photo. “It is a delight to witness each year what this award means to the photography community, through the number and quality of entries received, but also through the ongoing enthusiasm around this medium that remains a central part of the Fair, bringing together so many artists, publishers, collectors, and enthusiasts alike.”

Shortlist jury for 2022

This year’s shortlist selection was made by a jury comprising: Clinton Cargill, visual editor, the New York Times; Lesley A. Martin, creative director, Aperture; Miwa Susuda, Dashwood Books; publisher, Session Press; Brian Wallis, executive director, Center for Photography at Woodstock; and Leslie M. Wilson, associate director for Academic Engagement and Research, Art Institute of Chicago.
Leslie M. Wilson observed about the process, “The shortlist jury is an opportunity to see what kind of books are being made today. With so many books to consider, one gets a strong sense that you’re in touch with the pulse of what photography can be in this moment.”

Shortlisted titles at Café Lehmitz Photobooks' WebStore

Some recent books in the Café Lehmitz WebStore are nominated for the Paris Photo PhotoBook Awards 2022 – "titles which encompass a wide range of approaches to the book form, the history of the medium, and the combination of image and text". (Mack)

Discover these must-have books displayed below and have a look on other award-winners from contests over the last ten years: