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In the category PRE-ORDER NOW! are titles to find that c a n be recorded at Café Lehmitz Photobooks WebStore. Since these are mostly titles, for which I have e.g. for overseas delivery in advance, admission + price may depend on the number of preorders.

'Greek Dog Days' by Ilja NIEDERKIRCHNER portrays Greece wild and dim with a touch of affection, foggy and yet razor-sharp in black-and-white photographs. The small, strictly limited photo book invites you to embark on an enchanting and ominous journey.
39,00 € *
This volume that finishes Alejandro CARTAGENA's 'Santa Barbara' photo book project is still drawing an uncertain future. From the beginning, his pictures channeled the fear of fire and the flames that charred scars leave behind. And what's next?
44,00 € *
Humans and horses have a long history in common. A less documented part is the horse used for food. Starting with her grandfather, who was once a horse butcher, Belgian photographer Helen PEETERS examined and documented horse (meat) culture worldwide.
42,00 € *
This expanded edition contains images that are not contained in Mikhael SUBOTZKY's original photo volume 'Ponte City', which is out of print. A complex portrait of a place shaped by competing projections - refuge and monstrous place as well as dreamland.
48,00 € *
'Mukayu' by Paul CUPIDO is part#3 of his project, which includes humble, ephemeral, poetic works that are printed with the utmost care and precision. The publication, made up of various papers, has a gentle flow in which separate images merge into a whole
98,00 € *
'Photographs. 1980s to now ', contains for the first time a selection of the work of the South African photographer Jo RACTLIFFE. Looking over the past 35 years, it contains images from important photo essays as well as works that have never been shown.
95,00 € *
The atmospheric images in Michael LANGE's photo book 'Cold Mountain' combine the quiet majesty of mountain landscapes with fleeting moments of nature perception.
 How do we perceive what we see, and how do we find ways to express feelings in pictures?
45,00 € *
In 'Daughters of Magic' Ostkreuz agency photographer FRITZ documents Mihaela Minca, the most powerful witch in Romania. Magic & mysticism are part of everyday life in her Roma family & closely knit community, witchcraft is an expression of female strength
38,00 € *