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The photographs in 'Voll das Leben' are images of the monotony and slowness of life in the GDR, evidence of an isolated and enclosed world shortly before its end. Harald HAUSWALD shows haunting and unique snapshots and evidence of everyday socialist life.
45,00 € *
In a dense photographic narration, Moritz KÜSTNER describes in the photo book 'Silence is the Sound of Fear' the change in Crimea and the life of the Crimean Tatars in the years 2014 to 2019, consisting of displacement, hope, resistance and new beginnings
32,00 € *
New publication of the 1982 black and white photos by Roger MELIS, first published in 1986 as a photo book. 'Paris zu Fuss' (Paris on Foot) was the first book by an East German photographer who told life in a strange city through photography alone.
30,00 € *