Out-of-print 'Pegel Köln' by Wilhelm SCHÜRMANN deals with urban life (e.g. in Cologne) and the understanding of the city photo book. The title is also programmatic and stands for a level at which the well-worn genre of the city photo book can still work.
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HC with dust jacket, 36 x 28 x 1,5 cm., 80 pp., b/w ills., English
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"Whether fast concrete highways, quiet cuts through dark forests, paved commercial strips or dusty tracks on a clear-cut mountainside, Robert ADAMS'’ roads function as metaphors for solitude, connection or freedom." (© Fraenkel Gallery, 2018)
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This two-volume title is the result of a reworking of photos taken by Robert ADAMS in the mid-1980s and which have been published under the title 'Perfect Times, Perfect Places'. It is about the privilege of entering a wide, open space with your partner.
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In photo volume 'Rome After Rome' by Joel STERNFELD, which includes images from its predecessor, 'Campagna Romana,' (1992) as well as numerous unpublished images, the photographer explores who modern Romans are and their relationship to ancient splendor.
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In 1968, Robert ADAMS photographed the nondescript area south of Colorado Springs. The b/w images, clear in their description, embodied the contemporary landscape of the US frontier - a theme of far-reaching significance taken up by the 'New Topographics'
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Slipcased 13 HC, 28 x 27 x 15 cm., 1,336 pp., highly illustrated, text language: English
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The English-language version of 'Texte' brings together writings by the American photographer Lewis BALTZ on works by Edward WESTON, Walker EVANS, Robert ADAMS, Michael SCHMIDT, Allan SEKULA, Thomas RUFF, Jeff WALL, Slavica PERKOVIC and many more.
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HC with dust jacket, 24 x 21 cm., 56 pp., 40 duotone ills., text language: English, Ltd. to 1,000 copies
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The photo volume 'Sweet Earth' by Joel STERNFELD unites what may seem disparate. As the forces of laissez-faire take over the world and threaten the future of the earth, the desire to live with each other and in harmony with nature becomes more important.
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