In black-and-white photo volume 'Waikiki', the American New Topographic photographer Henry WESSEL documents the recreational behavior of Americans in the 1970s and 1980s as well as the encroachment on nature using the example of the beach on Honolulu.
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HC with dust jacket, 20,5 x 25,5 x 1 cm., 72 pp., b/w ills., text language: English
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Photo book 'On This Site. Landscape in Memoriam' by Joel STERNFELD contains photos of places associated with tragedy from the perspective of recognizability. The understanding of landscape photography is inevitably limited and full of misinterpretations.
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Handmade pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 15 x 21 x 0,5 cm., 48 pp., 35 color ills., deutsch-sprachiger Text - GERMAN TEXT ONLY! Ltd. to 30 copies
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The photo book 'Walk About/Man Alone/Botanical Census' by photographer Henry WESSEL, presents three independent bodies of his work from the past five decades. Each is a precise sequence recreating the experience of passing through the territory described.
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Pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 21 x 24 x 1,5 cm., 106 pp., b/w ills., text language: English
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In the volume 'Topographies: Aerial Surveys of the American Landscape', Stephen SHORE revisits the ambitions of the 1975 'New Topographics' by taking a new bird's eye view of the relationship between the natural and the man-made in the American landscape.
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The reissue of photo volume 'Cottonwoods' by Robert ADAMS was originally published in paperback by Smithsonian in 1994 as part of the 'Photographers at Work' series. For the now expanded edition, further recordings from the series at that time were taken.
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Carefully edited by Robert ADAMS himself, the volume 'What Can We Believe Where? Photographs of the American West' contains a sequence of over 100 B&W photographs that reveal his concern for man's growing tragic relationship with the natural environment.
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'Message from the Exterior' by landscape photographer Mark RUWEDEL explores in a humorous way ruins and remains of failed attempts to live in the harsh environments of the desert region east of Los Angeles, in small, often eccentric and somewhat lost huts
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