About the American photographer, Richard MISRACH (b.1949 in Los Angeles)

Richard MISRACH is one of the most influential photographers of his generation. In the 1970s, he helped pioneer the renaissance of color photography and large-scale presentation that are in widespread practice today.  He is the recipient of numerous awards in the arts including a Guggenheim Fellowship. In 2002 he was given the Kulturpreis for Lifetime Achievement in Photography by the German Society for Photography (DGPh), and in 2008 the Lucie Award for Outstanding Achievement in Fine Art Photography.

Photo books by and with contribution by Richard MISRACH (a selection)

'Telegraph 3 a.m.' (1974); 'The Desert Cantos' (1987, 1992, 1999); 'Richard Misrach:1975-1987' (1988); 'Bravo 20' (1990); 'Violent Legacies' (1992, 1995, 1996); 'Golden Gate' (2005); ; Chronologies (2006, 2019); 'On the Beach' (2007); 'Destroy this Memory' (2010); '1991' (2011); 'Petrochemical America' (2012, 2014); '11.21.11 5:40 p.m.' (2013); 'Assignment no.2' (2014, with Hiroshi SUGIMOTO); 'The Mysterious Opacity of Other Beings' (2015); 'Border Cantos' (2016, with Guillermo GALINDO); 'on Landscape and Meaning' (2021)

'Petrochemical America' by Richard MISRACH contains haunting photographs of the region and Kate Orff's 'Ecological Atlas' - a richly researched and concretely visualized study of the petrochemical industry and American culture that are closely interwoven.
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'1991' by Richard MISRACH documents the remains after the cataclysmic firestorm that struck Oakland & Berkeley Hills. He roamed the devastated area and also targeted the most intimate details. The book was published to commemorate the 20th anniversary.
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'Assignment No. 2 'reproduces an essay written by prison inmate Michael Nelson using theatre photographs by Hiroshi SUGIMOTO & Richard MISRACH. It was written for the Visual Concerns in Photography class under the direction of Doug Dertinger & Nigel Poor.
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'Violent Legacies' by Richard MISRACH is the third publication in the artist's ongoing 'Desert Cantos' series and depicts different aspects of the American West and the destructiveness of human nature. With a 4-page allegorical narrative by Susan Sontag.
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'Border Cantos' by Richard MISRACH is a unique melding of the artist as documentarian and interpreter. It includes several suites of photographs drawn from a number of distinct series or 'Cantos,' some made with a large-format camera as well as an iPhone.
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In the volume 'On Landscape and Meaning' Richard MISRACH explains his creative process and discusses a wide range of topics: color photography as language, the play of light & atmosphere, to overcoming place & time through metaphor, myth, and abstraction.
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