About US-american photographer, Raymond MEEKS (b. 1963, in Columbus, OH)

Raymond MEEKS once had a career as a commercial photographer, travelling all over the U.S. In 2016 he received a Siskind Fellowship Grant from the Aaron Siskind Foundation and a 2020 Guggenheim Fellowship. Along with Mark STEINMETZ, Susan LIPPER, Gregory HALPERN, Deborah LUSTER, Ron JUDE and Doug RICKARD, he counts to 'an interesting new generation of US photographers – post-New Topographical, looking at America's heartland with a collective fresh eye informed by both the country's photographic heritage and a strong desire to tell American stories at a time when the country seems unsure of itself' (Parr & Badger, 2014). He is co-founder of Orchard Journal, in which he collaborates with others and has published a number of books.

Photo books by Raymond MEEKS

  • 'Sound of Summer Running' (2004); 'A Clearing' (2008); 'Doctrine of an Axe' (2008); 'Nevermore' (2008); 'Middle Air' (2009); 'Carousel' (2009); 'Amwell | Continuum' (2010); 'Who Will Stay' (2010); 'Amwell' (2010); 'Pretty Girls Wander' (2011); '2 Solitudes' (2013); 'Erasure' (2013); 'Contact Sheet 179' (2014); 'In Love with Drama' (2015); 'Winter Farm Auction 1.2016 Mt Gilead, Ohio' (2016); 'Halfstory Halflife' (2018); 'Ciprian Honey Cathedral' (2020); 'Somersault' (2021); 'Inhabitants' (2023)

The photographic volume 'Inhabitants' by prominent U.S. photographer Raymond MEEKS is the result of an artist residency, which will be exhibited in New York and Paris. The series is combined by a detailed poem by George Weld.
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In out-of-print book 'A Clearing', Raymond MEEKS documents the stark geological & human assertion of presence against the flattening insistence of time, erosion & poverty. The figures in the landscape appear so isolated that they take on a mythical power.
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In 'Ciprian Honey Cathedral' Raymond MEEKS carefully examines the legibility of our material surroundings and the people who are closest to us. He is known for using photography to poetically distill the boundaries of sight, awareness, and understanding.
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This photo volume, 'Somersault' by Raymond MEEKS, is a concise, poetic reflection on home and the ties that bind us to it. Inspired by his daughter's entry into adulthood, the American photographer explores the centrifugal forces of the places we live.
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