About French photographer, Yves MARCHAND (b. 1981, in Paris)

French photographer Yves MARCHAND began photographing in 2001. Since 2005 he has been working with the French photographer Romain MEFFRE (*1987 in Paris) in the USA (Detroit), Japan (Gunkanjima) and Hungary (Budapest) on several architecture photo projects; together they have so far published three photo volumes.

Photo books by Yves MARCHAND (together with Romain MEFFRE)

'Budapest Courtyards' (upcoming in 2021); 'Gunkanjima' (2013); 'Ruins of Detroit' (2010)

In the photo book 'Ruins of Detroit', photographers Yves MARCHAND & Romain MEFFRE use structures that were once a source of civic pride to show the decline of the auto city of Detroit, which was harder hit economically than any other major American city.
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In 'Budapest Courtyards' French photographers Yves MARCHAND & Romain MEFFRE document this systematically and create a typology that describes the special form of collective living and reflects the turbulent history of the city and its changing politics.
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Gunkanjima is the nickname of a small Japanese island which was inhabited by over 5,000 workers from the local coal mine in the 1950s. Yves MARCHAND & Romain MEFFRE documented the current situation and combined their photos with photos of the living past.
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