Magnum Photos is a photographers' agency owned by its members with the aim of preserving the rights to their own images. Founded in 1947 in New York by Robert CAPA, Henri CARTIER-BRESSON, David SEYMOUR and George RODGER, among others, its members to date have published more than a hundred photobooks

The book debut 'Olay' by Magnum photographer Emin ÖZMEN is a documentation of Turkey, on the edge of violence & grace. The retrospective of his work to date includes a detailed timeline, an introduction by Turkey correspondent Zalewski and personal texts.
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The focus of the images by DEPARDON & BURNETT in SIGNED 'Septembre au Chili, 1971/1973' is the reproduction of the iconic photo by Leopoldo Vargas that shows the last image of president Salvador Allende leaving his palace La Moneda with a gun in his hand.
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'Venedig' (Venice) is a city portrait by prominent photographers: Martin PARR, PELLEGRIN, PINKHASSOV, POWER and VOIT - four MAGNUM members and one Thomas Ruff student. The photos of Venice, its waters & its people allow us to look into the heart of a myth
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'MAGNUM's first' reproduces the first MAGNUM show with 83 black-and-white images by the Magnum photographers Werner BISCHOF, Henri CARTIER-BRESSON, Robert CAPA, Ernst HAAS, Erich LESSING, Jean MARQUIS, Inge MORATH & Marc RIBOUD, reproduced in large format
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'Too Much But Not Enough' is an avant-garde fashion project by Yang LI & Antoine D'AGATA, consisting of 23 LP album covers & booklets, Intimate texts touch on themes of self-knowledge & beauty, love & disillusion, personal freedom & social constraint.
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In his 'The Americans List II' Jason ESKENAZI collected answers by photographers visiting the 'Looking In' exhibition about 'The Americans' by Robert FRANK, choosing their favorite image and why. The book could to become a classic in photography education
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The book 'Unseen Colour' contains around 200 images of color negatives by Werner BISCHOF, created in the first years after his graduation (1936) - in his studio for fashion and advertising photography, but also reportages of locations in war-torn Europe.
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