HC (faux leather cover, no dust jacket, as issued), 16 x 21 x 1,5 cm., 128 pp., highly ilustrated, text language: English
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HC with dust jacket, 17 x 22,5 x 3 cm., 216 pp., 152 color ills., text language English
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'Mundo de Papel' by Thomas DEMAND, explores the relationship between representation and 'real' events. It shows the sophisticated mechanics of paper in the form of pop-ups, each recreates a cityscape. A separate volume contains the text by Vargas Llosa.
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'Shelter Island' comprises a body of work made during a summer stay in Long Island, NY: faded objects, which are leitmotifs of an Americana of the past, speaking of a lifetime of childhood summers. Roe ETHRIDGE’s workis at once synthetic and spontaneous.
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In DISCOURSE book series, cultural theorists, curators or artists examine a topic, a work of art or an idea in an illustrated text. This episode includes titles by Sally Stein, Duncan Forbes, Alec Soth & Jörg Colberg about Dorothea LANGE, Lewis BALTZ...
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'Sonata' by Aaron SCHUMAN is inspired by Goethe's Italian Journey (1786-1788). The photographer invites us to explore an Italy shaped as much by the spirit as by the world, and imbued with the harmony and dissonance of its cultural and historical heritage
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Photo volume 'Yerevan 1996/997' by Ursula SCHULZ-DORNBURG is a facsimile of a sketchbook created during her trip to Armenia, which deals with the history of cultural objects long since dismantled and the artist's actions on the way through time and space.
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Juxtaposing works by photographers Annie LEIBOWITZ, Gregory CREWDSON and Andreas GURSKY, critic Jörg Colberg examines in 'Photography's Neoliberal Realism' how these artists produce the capitalist equivalent to the socialist realism of the Soviet Union.
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'Casa de Campo' is a photographic fable by Antonio M. XOUBANOVA rooted firmly in the realities of Madrid’s largest public park. He wandered the paths of this urban woodland examining the people, animals and objects he saw as if he was on uncommon ground.
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'Transparencies' by Stephen SHORE offers an alternative representation of that legendary episode on which 'Uncommon Places' is based. These parallel made 35mm works reimagine his signature themes through experiments with composition, attitude and color.
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