The photographic volume 'I carry Her photo with Me' by Lindokuhle SOBEKWA is a deeply personal first book from the South African reflecting on the life and disappearance of his sister. The book is assembled in a scrapbook aesthetic with handwritten notes.
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In 'Rivers Run Through It' Mark RUWEDEL follows the Los Angeles River to the Pacific Ocean. Using large and medium format, he recalls 19th century photographers like WATKINS & O'SULLIVAN as well as 'New Topographics' photographers of the 1970s
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The images in 'Di sguincio' by Guido GUIDI represent experimental dialogues between him and his 35mm camera. Antidocuments & anachronistic records comment ironically on photography's claim to truth showing his preoccupation with the medium's possibilities
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'Vanilla Partner' by Torbjörn RODLAND brings together works made in Oslo, Tokyo, Beijing and Los Angeles. His fifth book continues in this vein, combining images of fetishized isolation in a layout that rejects the linear structure of thematic photo books
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The author Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa argues that the photobook is one of the most dynamic sites of artistic invention in photographic practice in the last decade. Therefore, in this volume, 'Dark Mirrors', he evaluates artistic works created in this form.
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2nd print run, Leporello bound HC, 22,5 x 25 cm., 106 pp., 45 tritone plates, no text
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The out-of-print volume 'Almost There' by Aleix PLADEMUNT presents a challenging constellation of images: the vastness of landscapes, archaeological images of Neanderthal remains and other findings. It is an exploration of what is closest and farthest.
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The winning title of the First Book Award 2017. 'Nothing's in Vain' is a journey through Dakar, a metropolis in constant change. It is the photographer's answer to the experience of being uprooted and disoriented in the vibrant Senegalese capital in 2011.
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In 'Ciprian Honey Cathedral' Raymond MEEKS carefully examines the legibility of our material surroundings and the people who are closest to us. He is known for using photography to poetically distill the boundaries of sight, awareness, and understanding.
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This photo book, 'Speak the Wind' by Hoda AFSHAR, takes the reader to the islands in the Strait of Hormuz. In pictures from landscapes, people & rituals, the photographer tries to trace the wind and its psychic entanglements to make the invisible visible.
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