The artist volume 'Poemotion 2' by Takahiro KURASHIMA is the continuation of 'Poemotion 1'. New in this volume is the use of color. The viewer can playfully discover how optical overlaps between figures & shapes are created, set in motion, disappear again
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Based on the federal popular initiative 'Against Mass Immigration', the photo book 'How to secure a Country' by migrant Salvatore VITALE explores where the Swiss need for security originates from and how it became an essential part of their culture.
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SC, 23 x 29 cm., 216 pp., highly illustrated in color, English
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'In Search of African American Space. Redressing Racism' examines the relationship between the African Diaspora in the USA to identify a trans-historical moment in the time since the end of slavery, questioning the traditional understanding of spatiality.
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The series in 'Poemotion 3' by Japanese artist Takehiro KAURASHIMA goes back to the roots. Thirty abstract graphic, geometric shapes are brought to life through a film. When this is placed on the paper, the shapes begin to dance, jump, spin and weave.
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'The Fabric of Reality' by Beat STREULI shows the way through his oeuvre. The result is a visually rhythmic image that is characterized by conceptual sobriety in observation. Essays on urbanism and sociology place his work in a discursive context.
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In this first detailed monograph, Karl Blossfeldt. 'Variationen', which is entirely dedicated to the reception of his photographic work, Karl BLOSSFELDT expert Ulrike Meyer Stump analyzes the reproductions and traces the paths of some plant motifs.
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reprint 2019, broschierte Ausgabe in einem transparenten Slipcase (14 Ausgaben mit separatem Kommentarband, etwa 32 S.) , 21 x 30 cm., 316 pp., 418 ills., deutsch-sprachiger Text - TEXT ONLY IN GERMAN!
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As an extension of the interactive exhibition 'Phenotypes', sequences of images selected by the audience will be analyzed with regard to the relationship between the photographs. In addition, curators and art historians ask about the autonomy of images.
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For three years, Christian LUTZ accompanied a member of the Swiss Federal Council to official events worldwide. In the book 'Protokoll' he critics a deeply rooted system of representation and leaves the reader vacillating between laughter and astonishment
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