About Dutch photographer, Sem LANGENDIJK (b. 1990)

Sem LANGENDIJK studied Photography at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague. He is a recipient of the Stipend for Emerging Artists from The Mondriaan Fund. He has an interest in communities and their habitats. Sem LANGENDIJK is a photographer of place, but he considers place to be the accumulation of details, moments, and people, through which place identity becomes tangible. Choosing to work on slow, technical cameras lends a certain tranquility and poeticism to his work. Sem LANGENDIJKd is living and working in Amsterdam.

Photo books by Sem LANGENDIJK

'Haven' (2022, photo book debut)

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In his debut photo volume 'Haven', Dutch photographer Sem LANGENDIJK brings together the lifeworlds of various port cities in a documentary fiction, highlighting the transformation of disused port areas and the communities living there.
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  • 2018: 'The American Landscape' (Group show), Miami Art Basel
    2019: Helsinki Photofestival; Showroom Camiel Fortgens, Paris Fashion Week; Sotheby's Amsterdam; 'The American Landscape' at LA PHOTO as well at Expo Chicago
    2020: 'Prospects & Concepts', Art Rotterdam
    2022: 'Haven', The Ravenstijn Gallery, Amsterdam