This photo volume, '10 Jahre Hambacher Forst', tells the stories of the people who fought for the preservation of Hambach Forest, Germany, in a combination of artistic as well as activist positions, photographs, original sounds and archive material.
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Published in newspaper format, '40 Jahre laif. 40 Positionen dokumentarischer Fotografie' is both an exhibit and a catalog of the exhibition of the same name, which celebrates the anniversary of the German photographers agency from Cologne.
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'American' by Werner AMANN, is the result of a long-term project. Portraits from L.A., New York, Las Vegas, Gainesville, Miami, Kansas City, the border city Tijuana as well as the deserts of the Western alternate with travel pictures of streets & places.
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'Athens Diary', the second photo book in Peter BIALOBRZESKI's ongoing 'City Diary' book project with city portraits. Here he travels to the scene of the biggest European crisis in decades to document the consequences on one of the urban centers of Greece.
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'Belfast Diary' by Peter BIALOBRZESKI documents a city that has suffered considerably from the violence associated with the Ireland's division. The photographs were taken in 2017, before the Brexit and the feared consequences for the fragile peace process
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'Budapest Diary' is the ninth vol. in the 'City Diary Series' by Peter BIALOBRZESKI. In this series, the photographer has already reported on city experiences in Cairo, Athens, Wolfsburg, Taipei, Kochi, Wuhan, Beirut and Zurich. Series will be continued.
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The book 'Calcutta' contains photoworks by twenty-one photographers who, under the direction of Peter BIALOBRZESKI, have documented the disappearing, crumbling splendor of this incomparable cultural heritage as part of the 'Kolkata Heritage Photo Project'
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Out of print volume 'Case Study Homes' by Peter BIALOBRZESKI contains color photos of accommodations made in Manila that consist of civilian garbage. The effects of globalization such as pandemic pollution and the reasons for migration become visible.
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Five new volumes of the long-term book-project 'City Diary' by Peter BIALOBRZESKI were published for Paris Photo 2021. The documented cities are Dhaka, Yangon, Minsk, Belfast as well as Linz. They are offered here in one set, there are still predecessors!
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 23 x 28 x 1,5 cm., 148 pp., 78 color ills., bilingual text: German / English
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