About the photographer, Abe KOGAN

Abe Kogan is an entrepreneur, writer, photographer, FIA Historic Formula 1 Class A champion and film producer. He is fascinated by time and change and is on a unique mission to photograph a series of countries and cities, each with its own special characteristics related to the nature of time and change.

Photo books by Abe KOGAN

'Havana' (2018); 'Florence' (2019); 'Hong Kong' (2020)

Out-of-print photo book 'Florence' by Abe KOGAN capture the beauty of the city in vivid portraits of modernity, juxtaposed with ancient relics. Impressive photos show bustling Florentine streets as well as parks, streets & buildings in atmospheric moments
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'Havana' by Abe KOGAN captures the life of the Cuban capital, where the citizens gossip on balconies and languish in the doorways of those once magnificent buildings that have fallen into ruin, their facial expressions radiating both vitality and distress
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In out-of-print photo book 'Hong Kong', Abe KOGAN explores a city famous for its dense urbanity. Towering obelisks and facades of the megacity contrast with its cultural roots, a city born from a compromise between Chinese tradition and British influence.
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