About the Dutch-Belgian photographer, Sofie KNIJFF (b.1972)

Sofie KNIJFF was an actress before her involvement with photography. However, the urge to create the scenes rather than act in them always became stronger than the acting itself, so she then studied photography and graduated with a diploma. In her work, she uses fictional sources mixed with documentary and staged imagery. Her dream-like images raise questions rather than provide answers. She is heavily influenced by the play and imagination she developed as an actress. In recent years she has focused on portrait photography and the fantasy world of children, traveling throughout Europe, South Africa, India, Mali, Brazil, Iceland, Greenland, USA, Mongolia, China and Sri Lanka to take their portraits. Sofie KNIJFF currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

Photo books by Sofie KNIJFF

'Asnoix' (2013); 'Translations' (2020)

Photographer KNIJFF spent a long time in a village at the Belgian Ardennesand and became more and more part of the natural environment. A very sensitive, life and nature affirming book with great nature and portrait shots. Shortlist First Book Award 2013.
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'Prix Elysée. Édition 2016-2018' celebrates the nominees with a set consisting of 8 individual monographs plus 1 text volume. The Prix Élysée Award is intended to encourage creativity and to realize new photographic works by promising photographic artists
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