About the educator and researcher, Matt Johnston

Matt Johnston is a visual practitioner, educator and researcher currently based in the School of Media and Performing Arts at Coventry University, where he is an Assistant Professor in photography. For the last decade, his research and visual practice has been concerned with the post-millennium situation of the contemporary photo book, how the medium has become central to a small but dedicated ecology, and how it may become better equipped to engage new readerships.

Projects and publications by Matt Johnston

'The Photobook Club' (2009 - ); 'Ken Schles. Invisible City' (2012); 'Midwest Dirt' (2014); '4/8/16/32' (2016); 'Post-digital Publishing' (2016 - ); 'The Make and Look Book' (2020); 'Photobooks & (2021)

In 'Photobooks &' researcher Matt Johnston explores trends & practices based on research, interviews & his own experiences. He proposes a critical framework for looking at photo book use and calls for a reorientation to address its communicative potential
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