About the photographer, Nicolai HOWALT (b. 1970, in Copenhagen)

Nicolai HOWALT is a Danish visual artist who graduated from Denmark's Photographic Art School Fatamorgana in 1992. His work has documentary references, operating at the intersection of conceptual photography and installation. He also has a long-term collaboration with the Danish artist Trine Søndergaard.

Photo books by Nicolai HOWALT

'3x1' (2001); 'Boxer' (2003); 'How to Hunt' (2005, with Trine SONDERGAARD); 'Light Break' (2015); 'Old Tjikko' (2019)

97 unique images made from the same photographic negative. A photo book about the oldest living organism known to man and a book about the instability of the photographic image and the enigmatic intertwinement of time, reality and perception.
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This photo book is the result of Nicolai HOWALT's fascination with experiments of Nils R. Finsen for healing by invisible light rays on the periphery of the electromagnetic spectrum and their obvious similarities to the basic elements of photography.
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The large-format photo book explores the relationship between animals, humans and nature through a contemporary interpretation of the millennial hunting genre. The series examines a classic topic in the border area between documentary photography and art.
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