Art books that set standards - that is the vision of Hirmer Verlag. This also applies to its high-quality photo volumes. Because since the company was founded in 1948, it has strived to maintain the highest quality - for which it regularly receives awards

HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 25 x 30,5 x 5 cm., 418 pp., Color & b/w ills., text language: German - GERMAN TEXT ONLY! Hirmer Verlag, 2011.
78,00 €
HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 21,5 x 25,5 cm., 368 pp., 229 b/w & color ills., text language: English
49,90 € *
HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 30 x 24 x 3,5 cm., 336 pp., 361 b/w ills., text language: English
49,90 € *
English or German. Based on Helmar LERSKI's series 'Metamorphosis', this compendium, 'Faces. The power of the face', brings togehter portraits from the time of the Weimar Republic. Experiments, feminist role-playing games and political ideologies collide.
45,00 €
The book 'Das Magische Auge' (Magic Eye) shows the versatile work of Herbert LIST. Many of his photographs were taken in cities like Hamburg, Paris or Athens and exude an aura of mystery: Thus he wanted to illustrate the profound and ambiguous of reality.
45,00 € * Weight 1.2 kg
HEARTFIELD turned the original documentary character of the press photos used upside down and actively used his art visually and with pointed humor against war and fascism. Statements by contemporary artists illuminate his work in the age of fake news.
39,90 € *
How do digital photography & Photoshop influence architectural representation? This compendium 'Fiction & Fabrication' contains current architectural photographs - from fictional constructs to real buildings, some of which seem more fantastic than fiction
39,90 € *
This compendium, 'New Bauhaus Chicago. Experiment Photography', documents photo actors and institutions at Bauhaus Chicago since its founding in 1937, ranging from abstract photograms & material experiments to conceptual & process-oriented series of works
39,90 €
In 'Deutschland um 1980: Fotografien aus einem fernen Land' (Photos from a Faraway Land), freelancer, reportage photographers or artists take a look at the developments, showing a multifaceted image of a bygone era that continues to have an impact today.
39,90 € *
'About Us. Young Photography in China' presents a selection of around 150 works by 40 Chinese artists. In b/w aesthetics or as dramatic stagings in color, created from the 90s to the present day, the focus is primarily on people in all thematic variations
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