About the Spanish photographer, Cristóbal HARA (b.1946)

Cristóbal HARA grew up in the Philippines, the USA, Germany and Spain. He studied law and business administration in Madrid, Hamburg and Munich before deciding in 1969 to become a photographer. After a few years in London he moved to Spain in 1980. Until 1985, he worked exclusively in black and white and since then, only in color. He has published several photography books. Cristóbal HARA lives in a small village near Cuenca.

Photo books by and about Cristóbal HARA

'Vanitas' (1998, 1999); 'An Imaginary Spaniard' (2004); 'Contranatura' (2006); 'Autobiography' (2007); 'Archipelago' (2014); 'Al Escondite' (2014); El Caballo de Troya' (2015); 'Quo Vadis' (2016); 'Los Rojos' (2017); '¿de qué lado estás?' (2018), 'Spanish Colour. 1985-2020' (2021)

For 'Al Escondite' the Spanish photographer Cristóbal HARA searched his archive and found for his second of currently six 'Trivial Essays' some photographs in B&W and colorful from the years 1969-2013, which revolve around the theme of hide&seek.
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In his photo volume 'Autobiography' Cristóbal HARA uses images from today's Spain and filters them through the emotional memories of his childhood. The result is a deep insight into Spanish culture and the cultural breeding ground of a whole generation.
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This monograph, 'Cristóbal Hara. Spanish Colour 1985-2020', brings together the color photographs of the legend, who sees himself in the tradition of Spanish painting. His subjects are everyday life, bullfighting, and again and again the Catholic religion
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'Archipelago' is the first photo volume of the 'Los Ensayos Banales' series by Spanish photographer Cristóbal HARA. His essays allow him to address individual aspects of his work, illustrating them with images that show a sample of his work over 40 years.
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For his photo volume 'An Imaginary Spaniard', Cristóbal HARA put the camera in position to capture something of the atmosphere of the hustle and bustle of the Spanish province. They are snapshots that tell of emotions, joy, sadness, loneliness & community
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