About the Ukrainian photographer, Bogdan GULYAY

Bogdan GULYAY practices art photography since 2010. He works mostly in different analogue technics (classical black and white gelatin silver prints, lith-prints, hand-painted prints etc).

Photo books by Bogdan GULYAY

'Ukrainian Erotic Photography' (2017); 'Scratchy days' (2019); 'UPHA Made in Ukraine' (2021); 'The Rite / My sexy Chernihiv' (2021)

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This artist volume, 'Scratchy Days' by Ukrainian Bogdan GULYAY, contains artistic black and white shots from his personal environment, reflected everyday moments in a world he perceives as oversaturated, in which people are only fleeting, fragile shadows.
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Solo exhibitions

'Plast Art – Reflections of the provincial photographer', Contemporary Art Museum, Chernihiv, UKR (2012, 2013 with Olga Aboronok)
'Bare Nature', Chernihiv Fine Art Museum (2012)
'The Diary', Na Instytutskiy Gallery, Kyiv, UKR (2013)
'Kickboxing', Chernihiv Fine Art Museum (2014)
'My Sexy Chernihiv', Municipal Gallery, Kharkiv, UKR (2014)
'Plast Art' - 'The morning dew', Contemporary Art Museum Chernihiv (2017)
'Scratchy days', Municipal Gallery (2019)

Participation on several Group exhibitions since 2009