About the Italian photographer, Guido GUIDI (b.1941)

Guido GUIDI's work since more than 40 years has focused in particular on rural and suburban geographies in Italy and Europe. He began experimenting in the late 1960s with pseudo-documentary images that interrogated photography's objectivity. Influenced by Neorealist film and Conceptual art, in the 1970s he began investigating Italy's man-altered landscape. Working in marginal and decayed spaces with a (8"×10") camera, he creates dense sequences intended as meditations on the meaning of landscape, photography, and seeing.

Photo books by Guido GUIDI (a selection)

'A New Map of Italy' (2011); 'Carlo Scarpa: Brion' (2011); 'Veramente' (2014); 'Annual Series #6 - Guido GUIDI, Gregory HALPERN, Jason FULFORD & Viviane SASSEN' (2018); 'Per Strada' (2018); 'Lunario, 1968-1999' (2020); 'Tra l'altro, 1976-81' (2020); 'Cinque Viaggi. 1990-98' (2021)

This selection of 94 photographs in 'Tra l'altro. 1976-81', taken with 35mm cameras, stand for the transition from GUIDI's visual thinking and the progressive shift to color photography, which he began in the early 1980s with the large format 8x10 camera.
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In 'Conversations', Rémi Coignet explores in interviews the question of what role the photo book plays in the work of photographers, designers & publishers and how their titles are conceived. Two more volumes with interviews have been published until now.
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Pb, (no dust jacket, as issued), 28 x 39 x 1,5 cm., 40 pp., 16 color ills., text language: English, Ltd. to 1,000 numbered copies
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The subtitle of the volume 'Red desert Now!' is 'Antonioni's Legacy in Contemporary Italian Photography' and shows the filmmaker's influence on (mainly Italian) photographers such as Lewis BALTZ, Guido GUIDI, Francesco NERI and Franco VACCARI.
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The images in 'Di sguincio' by Guido GUIDI represent experimental dialogues between him and his 35mm camera. Antidocuments & anachronistic records comment ironically on photography's claim to truth showing his preoccupation with the medium's possibilities
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'Cinque Viaggi. 1990-98' by Guido GUIDI contains photographs from Mailland as well as from the surrounding area. They reveal the layers of social and architectural history between which everyday life unfolds. Essays worth reading complete the photo volume
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Distortions, experiments and illusions characterize GUIDI's early work from the late 1960s and early 70s, which he further developed by introducing a 'fisheye' lens. In 'Lunario' he returns to the moon as a source of stylistic and thematic inspiration.
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Photo volume set 'In Sardegna' shows the further development in the work of the Italian photographer Guido GUIDI. Created about 40 years apart on two trips through Sardinia, you can also see the historical and geographical changes on the remote island.
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3 pb. vol., each with tipped-in-image and a bilingual booklet, all housed together in a printed slipcase, 30 x 24 x 4 cm., 464 pp., color ills.,
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The out of print photo book 'Veramente' includes Italian photographer Guido GUIDI's entire oeuvre from 1959 to 2014. The pioneer of new Italian landscape photography was influenced by architectural history, neo-realistic Italian film and conceptual art.
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