About Belgian Magnum photographer, Harry GRUYAERT (b.1941, in Antwerp)

Harry GRUYAERT studied at the School of Film and Photography in Brussels from 1959 to 1962. Then he became a photographer in Paris, in 1969, he made the first of many trips to Morocco. Between 1973 and 1980, he began a long essay on Belgium first in black and white and then in color. He joined Magnum Photos in 1981 and continues many trips including Asia, USA, Middle East and Russia. For more than thirty years, from Belgium to Morocco, and from India to Egypt, Harry GRUYAERT has been recording the subtle chromatic vibrations of Eastern and Western light.

Photo books by Harry GRUYAERT

  • 'Edges' (2008, 2010, 2019); 'Roots' (2012, 2018); 'Harry Gruyaert' (2015); 'It's not about cars' (2017); 'Irish Summers' (2020); 'Last Call' (2020); 'India' (2021), 'Café Belgica' (2021); 'Between Worlds' (2023)

Photographer Harry GRUYAERT took the color photos in the narrow photo book 'Irish Summers' from 1983-84 while traveling to Ireland. Some portraits have already been the subject of earlier photo books, but are presented here as a series for the first time.
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The out-of-print 'Zeitblende' was published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the famous photo agency Magnum. The picture & text book provides an overview of the impressive field of reportage photography that is commensurate with its significance
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They have developed into status symbols and have become the source of diverse experiences. 'Swimming Pools' shows their different layers of meaning in photographs by Martin PARR, Harry GRUYAERT, ABBAS, Deanna TEMPLETON, LARTIGUE, Slim AARONS among others.
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In the photo volume 'India', Belgian Magnum photographer Harry GRUYAERT lets us share his diverse experiences that he has made over the years with the mysteries of this country. He paints a picture rich in contrasts that is the opposite of exoticism.
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The photo book 'Last Call' shows how Belgian Magnum photographer Harry GRUYAERT explored the creative potential of color photography in the 1970/80s - alongside Americans like LEITER, MEYEROWITZ, SHORE as well as EGGLESTON and as one of the few in Europe.
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This revised version of 'Roots' brings the viewer back to Belgium in the 1970s and 80s. From the first black-and-white photographs to the unveiling of colors, 'Roots' explores the almost expressionist universe of the Belgian MAGNUM photographer GRUYAERT.
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Magnum photographer Harry GRUYAERT's photo book 'It's not about cars' contains images in which automobiles only serve as a leitmotif to guide the viewer through his varied work, which is characterized by a sensitive use of color, shape and light.
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