About US american Magnum photographer, Jim GOLDBERG (b.1953, in New Haven)

"The innovative use of image and text makes Jim GOLDBERG a landmark photographer of our times. He has been working with experimental storytelling for over forty years. He is the recipient of numerous awards including three National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships, a Guggenheim Fellowship (1985), the Henri Cartier-Bresson Award (2007), and the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize (2011). He is Professor Emeritus at the California College of the Arts and a member of Magnum Photos." (© Magnum Photos, 2020)

Photo books by Jim GOLDBERG

  • 'Rich and poor' (1985, 2016)
    'Raised by Wolves' (1995)
    'Open See' (2009)
    'The Last Son' (2016)
    'Candy' (2017)
    'Raised by Wolves Bootleg' (2018)
    'Coming anfd Going' (2023)

The 'Fingerprint'-Box by Jim GOLDBERG includes many never-before-seen Polaroids from the 'Raised-by-Wolves' project. The 45 loose, boxed facsimile Polaroids create a new, intimate and fragmented representation of this classic photograph.
120,00 € Weight 0.4 kg
Reissue of nearly-thirty-years-out-of-print volume. 'Rich and Poor' by Jim GOLDBERG builds upon the classic combination of photographs & handwriting and adds a surplus of vintage material & contemporary photos that have never been published or exhibited.
248,00 € Weight 2 kg
Pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 23 x 31 x 2 cm., 315 pp., b/w & color ills., text language: English
0,00 € *
The photo volume 'Coming and Going' by Jim GOLDBERG tells a wider story of the universal shape of our lives through their loves & losses, comings & goings, and the ways we come to understand them - A significant contribution to contemporary bookmaking.
from 88,00 € Weight 2.8 kg
In addition to a personal reappraisal, 'The Last Son' by Jim GOLDBERG is a story about perseverance, family dynamics and the struggle to exceed expectations. To do this, the photographer sifts through his archive, which consists of various image sources.
198,00 € * Weight 0.5 kg
HC (no dust jacket, as issued) WITH 1 ORIGINAL POLAROID, 14,5 x 18,5 cm., 16 pp., 11 four-color plates, text language: English, Ltd. to 500 copies
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Bootleg ed. of 'Raised by Wolves' by Jim GOLDBERG. It contains harrowing stories about teenage runaways living on the streets of San Francisco and LA. It combines photographs, documents as well as handwritten, passages about their lives and feelings.
298,00 € Weight 1.1 kg
4 slipcased pbs., 21,5 x 16,5 x 3 cm., 240 pp., color & b/w ills., text language. English
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