About the Italian photographer, Luigi GHIRRI (1943-1992)

Luigi GHIRRI spent his working life in Emilia Romagna, where he created one of the most open and complex works in the history of photography. He has been exhibited both in Italy and internationally and was at the height of his career when he died in 1992. As an autodidact, he presented his surroundings in close-cut pictures and photographed the Italian landscape with advertisements, postcards, potted plants, walls, windows and people. He struggled to see our ability to see, to maintain. His works are powerful tools for the re-education of the gaze.

Photo books by and on the work of Luigi GHIRRI

'Kodachrome' (1978, 2012, 2018); 'Ravenna 1986' (2010, Beilage zu 'La Carte D'Apres Nature'); 'Project Prints' (2012); 'The Complete Essays 1973-1991' (2015); 'Works from the 1970s' (2017); 'The Map and the Territory' (2018); 'Colazione sull'Erba' (2019); 'Cardboard Landscapes' (2020); 'Puglia. Tra Albe e Tramonti' (2022)

The photographs shown in this volume, 'Puglia. Tra Albe e Tramonti', reveal Luigi GHIRRI's relationship with the Puglia region. Mostly little known and unpublished, they capture textures of urban life and delight with visual coincidences & tactile details
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'The Complete Essays' contains 68 texts by Luigi GHIRRI in which he discusses returning themes in his photographic work. It is also an unintentional, yet comprehensive treatise on the history and theory of photography, as well as a special autobiography.
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Pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 22,5 x 27 x 1 cm., 62 pp., color ills., text language: English
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'Works from the 1970s' accompanied an exhibition focused on the most creative period of Luigi GHIRRI. It shows the external and internal world, the relationship between reality and metaphysical duality, and the distance between reality and representation.
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The catalog volume 'Reversing the Eye. Arte povera and Beyond 1960-1975' takes a fresh look at the Arte Povera movement, rarely associated with photography & film. The artistic movement is placed in the social and political context of the time in Italy.
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'Colazione sull’ Erba' by Luigi GHIRRI is the result of a project made between 1972-74 on the outskirts of Modena. His focus was the juncture of nature and artifice in the man-made environment. This early work is a signpost to directions of his later work
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This book is the facsimile edition of the 1978 photo book debut 'Kodachrome' by Italian color photographer Luigi GHIRRI. This photo volume was a manifesto for photography and a milestone in a remarkable work that was about preserving our ability to see.
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In the 1970s and 1980s, Italian photographer Luigi GHIRRI pursued a project characterized by empathy for the changing everyday spaces of his time. During his short career he created a large number of color photographs as well as influential essays.
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