About British & Irish photographer, Christo GEOGHEGAN (b. 1988)

Christo GEOGHEGAN is a queer documentary photographer, filmmaker and visual journalist. In 2018, he was invited to the United Nations in Geneva to take part in the organisation's first experts meeting to acknowledge and discuss the epidemic and has since gone to speak extensively about the topic at other high-profile institutions. His extensive and award-nominated documentary film work has been screened at prestigious international film festivals such as CPH:Dox in Copenhagen and has seen him nominated for top prizes such as GLAAD Media Awards Outstanding Digital Media Award for his 2014 VICE News documentary film 'Young and Gay: Jamaica’s Gully Queens' which he both produced and featured as an on-screen correspondent. Most recently he was commissioned by Netflix to direct and produce 3 documentary shorts on queer representation in the UK.
Recently he completed his first book, 'Witch Hunt Vol I: The Banished of Balsapuerto'. The first instalment of a larger body of work investigating the global rise in human rights abuses through "harmful practices related to manifestations of belief in witchcraft". The book was shortlisted for the Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award Arles (2020), the Images Vevey Book Award (2021) and the MACK First Book Award (2021) and finally it won the ARLES AUTHOR BOOK AWARD 2023! Christo GEOGHEGAN is based in London.

Photo books by Christo GEOGHEGAN

  • 'Witch Hunt Vol. I: The Banished of Balsapuerto' (2022, his photobook debut)

The winner of the Book Award at Arles 2023, the photographic debut volume 'Witch Hunt Vol.1: the Banished of Balsapuerto' by Christo GEOGHEGAN is an investigation into the murder of a number of sorcerers in the Peruvian Amazon and the theories behind it.
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