About Berlin photographer, Andreas GEHRKE (b.1975)

Andreas GEHRKE is a photographer whose work lies between documentary and architecture photography with a focus on the social role of architecture. He has self published roundabout a dozen photo volumes to date. Andreas GEHRKE lives and works in Berlin.

Photo books by and with photo works  Andreas GEHRKE

  • 'Topographie' (2011)
    'Der Spiegel' (2013)
    'IBM' (2013)
    'Quelle' (2013)
    'Noshek' (2016)
    'Landeszentralbank 2000 – 2016' (2017)
    'Brandenburg' (2017)
    'Land's End: Der Ort der 'Topographie des Terrors' im Spiegel zeitgenössischer Fotografie' (2019, with photo works by Joachim BROHM, Andreas GEHRKE, John GOSSAGE, Volker HEINZE, Kai-Olaf HESSE, Bettina LOCKEMANN as well as Michael SCHMIDT)
    'Berlin' (2021)
    'Fulghafen Berlin-Tempelhof' (2022)

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In his self published photo book, 'Berlin', Berlin-born photographer Andreas GEHRKE shows the well-documented German capital that many of us think we know in an extremely intimate way, as well as those radical upheavals that have so uniquely shaped Berlin
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'Land's End' shows photos that were taken in Berlin between 1981 and 2014 and used for the 'Topography of Terror' website. Photographs by Joachim BROHM, Andreas GEHRKE, John GOSSAGE, Volker HEINZE, Kai-Olaf HESSE, Bettina LOCKEMANN and by Michael SCHMIDT.
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For self-published book 'Berlin-Tegel Airport', Andreas GEHRKE documented the once crowded main terminal, the disused airfield and the abandoned outbuildings. His pictures show a juxtaposition of vision and standstill and how they finally became reality.
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'Brandenburg' by Andreas GEHRKE is a thoughtful portrait of that binding land surrounding the capital Berlin. In a consistent departure from the purely documentary, his images never refer to history, but form subtle allusions to structural, social changes
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Using a piece of lost landscape in the heart of Berlin, Andreas GEHRKE explores in 'Topography' whether places can preserve memories. This area, regularly visited & photographed over the course of a year, is only what it is, and yet it transports history.
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'Landeszentralbank. 2000 - 2016' by Andreas GEHRKE is based on the visual language of his trilogy on vacant buildings of post-war modernism in Germany. The photographs in the self-published photo book capture the building complex in an intermediate phase.
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Group Shows (a selection)
  • 2000: 'Urban Diszipline', Hamburg
    2004: 'Underwater Retreats', Musterraum, Munich
    2006: 'Factitious', Galerie Pierogi, Leipzig
    2007: 'Pierogi Flatfiling', Art News Project, Berlin; 'Hela Havet Stormar', Galerie Pierogi, Leipzig; 'In Search Of Darkness - The Orpheus Selection', PS1, New York
    2008: 'Inkonstruktion III', Biesenthal, Germany; 'Apocalyptic Summer', Pierogi Brooklyn, New York; 'Gray Scale', Pierogi Leipzig; 'Pfadfinder', Kunsthalle M3, Berlin
    2009: 'Of Land', Kris Graves Project, New York
    2010: 'Inkonstruktion V', Art Biesenthal, Germany; 'Strampede', The Forgotten Bar, Berlin
    2011: 'Wald', Pavlov's Dog, Berlin; 'Don't Eat The Yellow Snow', Wiensowski & Harbord, Berlin
    2013: 'Verlust, Blickwechsel', Märkisches Museum, Berlin
    2014: 'Roger Frei/ Andreas Gehrke/ Stefan Oláh', Architektur Galerie, Berlin
    2016: 'Berlin Raum Radar', Neue West, Berlin; 'Raw Desires: Brutalism and Violent Structures', Circle Culture Galerie, Berlin
    2017: 'Grenzen / Borders', Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Frankfurt am Main sowie VHS-photogalerie, Stuttgart; 'Lieux de Mémoire', Pavlov's Dog, Berlin
    2019: 'unsown - unausgesät', Kleine Humboldt Galerie, Berlin
    2022: Ostfriesland Biennale, Ostfriesisches Landesmuseum, Emden
Solo Shows
  • 2008: 'Quiescent', Galerie Pierogi, Leipzig
    2010: 'Forst', Kris Graves Project, Brooklyn, New York
    2014: 'Incertitudes', ANCB/ Aedes, Berlin
    2016: Architekturschaufenster, Karlsruhe
    2021: 'Räume - Espaces', Goethe Institut, Bordeaux