About the Japanese photographer, 深瀬 昌久, Masahisa FUKASE (1934-2012)

Masahisa FUKASE was a Japanese photographer, celebrated for his work depicting his domestic life with his wife Yōko Wanibe and his regular visits to his parents' small-town photo studio in Hokkaido. He is best known for his book 'Karasu', shot between 1976-1982. Among his earliest bodies of artistic work is 'Kill the Pigs' of 1961, subsequently he experimented with various journalistic and artistic styles, contributing dozens of photo essays to such magazines as Camera Mainichi, Asahi Camera, and Asahi Journal. 

Photo books by Masahisa FUKASE (a selection)

'Yugi' (1971, his photobook debut); 'Yoko' (1978); 'Sasuke, my dear cat' (1979); 'Karasu' (1986, 1991 und 2008 als 'The Solitude of Ravens', 2017); 'Kazoku' ('Family', 1991, 2020); 'Bukubuku' (2004); 'Hysteric Twelve' (2004); 'To' ('Slaughter, 2015); 'Wonderful Days' (2015); 'Hibi' (2016); 'Afterword' (2016, 2017); 'Masahisa Fukase' (2018); 'Sasuke' (2021)

'Masahisa FUKASE' introduces one of the most radical and original Japanese photographers of his generation, famous for 'The Solitude of Ravens'. It also includes lesser known works from his multi-layered corpus such as collages, self-portraits, Polaroids.
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The volume 'Kill the Pig' by Masahisa FUKASE brings together two series, first shown in 1961. 'Kill the Pig', was taken in a slaughterhouse in Shibaura, Tokyo. 'Naked' shows the photographer himself and his then partner Yukiyo Kawakami in various poses.
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New Edition of a classic photo volume. Masahisa FUKASE returned home regularly and used the family studio, the large-format 'Anthony View Camera' and the changing family set-up as the basis for the 'Family / Kazoku' series, first published in 1991.
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The photo volume 'Afterword' by Masahisa FUKASE consists of photos already used in 'Sasuke's Diary' from 'Sasuke, My Dear Cat' (1978). In the small pocket-sized print manuscript, instructions and numbering were written by the japanese photographer himself
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The book 'Hibi' by Masasia FUKASE contains 'Street Photography' of a special kind. In 1992 the Japanese photographer painted prints showing metropolitan road surfaces marked by time with garish colors. As a painter he often referred to asphalt structures.
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The volume 'Private Scenes' by Masahisa FUKASE gathers for the first time the entire series of photographs taken in Europe (Paris, London, Brussels & Antwerp), in which we discover a new dimension of his work: that of the artist wrestling with his medium.
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The photo volume 'Wonderful Days' by Masahisa FUKASE contains about 30 b/w shots of Masahsa FUKASE's apartment with cats, interior and his wife Yoko. Without further information in the book, the date of the photos can be estimated between 1960s to 1980s.
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The reedit of a Japanese photobook classic! Coastal landscapes of Hokkaido serve as the backdrop for the deeply dark and impressionistic photographs of ominous flocks of crows in 'Ravens'. Masahisa FUKASE's mourning or an allegory of dark post-war Japan?
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The volume 'Sasuke' includes emblematic photo series about the two cats of Masahisa FUKASE, Sasuke & Momoe. It combines unpublished images as well as photo icons, because his cats have already been the subject of several books. This is to be the last one.
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