The Farm Security Administration (FSA)

Housed at the Library of Congress, the archives of the Farm Security Administration (FSA) constitute an essential visual record of American life from the late 1920s through the onset of the Second World War. Guided by the adroit hands and watchful eyes of the master photo editor Roy Stryker, the FSA archive includes the work of dozens of photographers, from acknowledged giants like Walker EVANS, Ben SHAHN, and Dorothea LANGE to Marion Post WOLCOTT and Russell LEE, whose names and work may be less familiar. Stryker sent his artists across the country to shoot for a few weeks, mostly in small towns and rural areas and they worked from what he called 'shooting scripts' laundry lists of possible subjects and situations but were always free to explore their own perspectives on a locale, its inhabitants, and their activities.

The FSA photographers

Charlotte Brooks, Esther Bubley, Marjory Collins, Harold Corsini, Jack Delano, Arnold Eagle, Walker Evans, Theodor Jung, Dorothea Lange, Russell Lee, Sol Libsohn, Carl Mydans, Martha McMillan Roberts, Gordon Parks, Marion Post Wolcott, Edwin Rosskam, Louise Rosskam, Arthur Rothstein, Richard Saunders, Ben Shahn, John Vachon, Todd Webb

Photo books by and on the work of FSA photographers

  • Walker EVANS,
    Dorothea LANGE
    Russell LEE
    Gordon PARKS
    Arthur ROTHSTEIN
    Ben SHAHN
    Todd WEBB

The book 'Walker Evans. America Leben und Kunst' by Svetlana Alpers about the photograph & heroe traces the phenomenon of a work whose author claimed that photography was the most literary of the visual arts. Afterword and translation are by Wolfgang Kemp
25,00 € *
With photo works by Walker EVANS, Theodor JUNG, Dorothea LANGE, Carl MYDANS, Russell LEE, Ben SHAHN, Jack DELANO, Marion Post WOLCOTT, John VACHON, Gordon PARKS and many more
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'The Bitter Years: Edward Steichen and the FSA Photographs' contains all the photos from the original exhibition in the structure & sequence as conceived for the show. An important contribution, as there was no proper catalog for the show at the time.
120,00 € * Weight 2 kg
Out-of-print 'A Vision Shared' features the work of the 11 photographers who worked for the Farm Security Administration (FSA). 1st published in 1976 it was named one of the 100 most important books of the decade by the Association of American Publishers.
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'The Atmosphere of Crime, 1957' by Gordon PARKS includes an expansive selection of never-before-published photographs from reportages he did for 'Life' on a six-week journey that took him to the streets of New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
278,00 € * Weight 1 kg
In the book 'The Likes of Us' the editor Stu Cohen brings together work by Walker EVANS, Ben SHAHN, Dorothea LANGE, Marion POST WOLCOTT as well as Russell LEE to create a complex, vivid overview of the FSA and how it evolved under Roy Stryker's leadership
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In the 1st volume of the DISCOURSE series 'Migrant Mother, Migrant Gender', cultural theorist Sally Stein takes up Dorothea LANGE's now famous portrait and proposes to see it as a disturbing image for women's conflicted relationship to home and the world.
9,50 € *
This out-of-print catalog volume 'FSA. The American Vision by Gilles Mora set the standard for photojournalism for years with this unusual collection of documentary photographs by Walker EVANS, Dorothea LANGE, Arthur ROTHSTEIN, Jack DELANO & Gordon PARKS
98,00 € *