About the American photographer, Lee FRIEDLANDER (b. 1934)

"Lee FRIEDLANDER began photographing the American social landscape in 1948. With an ability to organize a vast amount of visual information in dynamic compositions, he has made humorous and poignant images among the chaos of city life, dense landscape and countless other subjects. His work was included in the highly influential 1967 'New Documents' exhibition, curated by John Szarkowski at the Museum of Modern Art. In 2005, Lee FRIEDLANDER was the recipient of the prestigious Hasselblad Award as well as the subject of a major traveling retrospective and catalog organized by the Museum of Modern Art." (© Fraenkel Gallery)

Photo books by Lee FRIEDLANDER (a selection)

'Arbus, Friedlander, Winogrand. New Documents, 1967' (2017); 'Self portrait' (re-edit 1998); 'At Work' (2002); 'Stems' (2003, 2008); 'Lee Friedlander. The Museum of Modern Art' (2004); 'Sticks and Stones. Architectural America' (2004); 'Apples and Olives' (2005); 'Cherry Blossom Time in Japan' (2006); 'America by Car' (2008); 'Frederick Law Olmsted Landscapes' (2008); 'New Mexico' (2008); 'The New Cars' (2011); 'In the Picture. Self Portraits 1958-2011' (2011); 'Mannequin' (2012); 'jfk. a photographic memoir' (2013); 'Family in the Picture 1958-2013' (2014); 'Double Elephant' (with Manuel Alvarez BRAVO, Walker EVANS & Garry WINOGRAND, 2015)'Street. The Human Clay' (2016); 'The People's Pictures' (2021); 'Retrospective' (2021)

'JFK. A photographic memoir by Lee FRIEDLANDER is the first to show archive photos of the public reaction to the election and assassination of President John F. Kennedy. A moment in US history that enchanted the nation and continues to impress today.
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Out-of-print volume 'Portraits' presents more than 300 images of musicians, writers, artists Lee FRIEDLANDER has encountered over four decades. They show celebrities in private spaces, captured in living rooms & kitchens, in conversation or in an embrace.
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 25 x 28 x 1,5 cm., 140 pp., 97 b/w (tritone) ills., English
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The out-of-print volume 'Self Portrait' by Lee FRIEDLANDER is a reissue of the originally in 1970 published classic photographic book. The US-american photographer appears in the form of its shadow or is reflected in windows and mirrors.
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HC (with dust jacket), 30,5 x 31 x 1,5 cm., 193 pp., b/w ills., text language: English
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Cafe Lehmitz Photobook libraries shall enable collectors as well as institutions to acquire out-of-print titles at a price that can be paid. This library, the Lee FRIEDLANDER Photobook Library, contains 28 by and with contribution by this photographer.
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Out-of-print photo catalog 'Streetwise' brings together the work of photographers who explored social change in the 1960s in the USA: Diane ARBUS, Ruth BARUCH, Jerry BERNDT, Bruce DAVIDSON, Lee FRIEDLANDER, Danny LYON, Garry WINOGRAND & Ernest WITHERS.
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HC with dust jacket, 74 pp., 50 dutone ills., text language: English
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In his out-of-print book 'Children', Lee FRIEDLANDER presents more than 300 black-and-white images in two sections. Taken together, the images offer a picture of America's youth through the eyes of one of the most renowned photographers of his generation.
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 28 x 24,5 cm., 217 pp., 208 duotone ills., English
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