About the Irish photographer, Éanna de FRÉINE

Éanna de FRÉINE is an Irish photographer from Berlin. His work focuses on our urban experiences. He attended Goldsmiths's College in London and received an M.A. in photography and urban cultures. He has already published several photo books on urban topics in Europe (Paris) and Asia and founded a small publisher himself for this purpose.

Photo books by Éanna de FRÉINE

'Death & Life of Great Asian Cities vol. I' (2019); 'Lost Rivers' (2018); 'Tales from Beneath the Arches' (2017); 'Paris et la Banlieue' (2014)

In the limited edition photo volume 'Tales from Beneath the Arches', Irish photographer Éanna de FRÉINE examines the transformation of 'un-places' that has resulted from the high volume of highways and expressways in the cities of Taiwan.
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The first title in a three-part series containing examinations about architectural development of cities in Asia includes mostly fullpaged colour images from Japan, Taiwan, South Corea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, China & Laos made from 2014 to 2019.
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The small photo volume 'Lost Rivers' by Irish photographer Éanna de FRÉINE is an investigation of forgotten rivers, streams and watercourses in three Taiwanese cities. Neglected and shabby, they are an example of how man subjugates nature.
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